Deadliest Catch's Todd died in tragic accident on-board the Patricia Lee

Deadliest Catch's Todd died in tragic accident on-board the Patricia Lee

Just last year, in February, Deadliest Catch’s Todd Kochutin tragically passed away after it was reported that he had sustained serious injuries aboard the Patricia Lee. He was one of the programme’s most beloved fishermen so the news came as a huge shock to his fans and followers.

However, over a year later we still remember him and Reality Titbit has all the details about the incredible fisherman, including how he passed away. Check it out.

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Picture: Emotional Crew Members All Hear Of Todd Kochutin’s Passing I Deadliest Catch

What happened to Todd?

Some fans were confused when they initially saw that Todd wasn’t in Deadliest Catch last year but this is sadly because he passed away at just 30 years old.

We don’t know the intimate details about how he passed away, but we do know that it was due to serious injuries that he sustained during an accident on Patricia Lee.

His fellow fisherman and crew as well were all incredibly saddened and shocked to hear about his sudden death. After he died Twitter and social media were flooded with tributes to the fisherman, with messages of love from friends, family and fans.

Remembering Todd

After his tragic death, all that remains of Todd are memories, but they are very good ones.

Todd was born to his parents Robert Olson and Deanna Kockutin and is from Alaska, US. His biggest passion in life is the ocean, especially focussing on fishing. He has always been a confident and brave fisherman which is part of the reason he has been so successful.

His parents said that when he was younger he also enjoyed listening to music, playing games, guitar as well fishing. He ended up on Deadliest Catch after years of fishing in his own time. He is also recognised for his friendly and humorous demeanour, on and off camera.

Todd’s love for the Bering Sea

With the Deadliest Catch starting, we met Todd as a fisherman for the reality show, however, Todd’s love for the ocean was born a long time before this with him having been fishing for years.

He used to spend the majority of summers and winters fishing in the Berin Sea, which was his favourite spot to fish. He fished for catfish, king crab, pacific cod and pollock.

Both himself and his family have always said that the Bering Sea was a very special place to him.



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