History Channel’s The Secrets Of Skinwalker Ranch documents the investigations on the alleged UFO sightings and paranormal activities at the titular location, prompting debate on whether it is a hoax.

The scientific experiments and eerie occurrences continue on The Secrets Of Skinwalker Ranch season 4.

Aerospace engineer Dr Travis S Taylor returned on April 18 with his trusty crew of Erik Bard, Bard ‘Dragon’ Arnold, and ranch owner Brandon Fugal. But with all discussions related to UFOs and unexplainable happens, skeptics are never too far away.

Reality Titbit looks into the sightings at Skinwalker Ranch and US government investigations.

The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch cast standing by a table at night time for experiment
Credit Sky History youtube channel

The debate on whether Skinwalker Ranch is a hoax continues

The answer to whether the sightings at Skinwalker Ranch are legitimate varies depending on the speaker. If we’re talking about the ranch physically, then yes, it is absolutely real and not a hoax. Skinwalker, also known as Sherman Ranch, is located in Ballard, Utah, and spans about 512 acres.

Fans of the History Channel show cannot visit the property because it is private and we don’t recommend you sneak in either – security is high at the mysterious home. It was purchased by businessman Brandon Fugal in 2016.

In the 1960s and 70s, there were a series of reported UFO sightings in the Uintah Basin. It was followed by tales about the strange happenings at Skinwalker in the 90s, from cattle mutilations to unidentified beasts.

Fugal, a real estate tycoon, acquired the property from Robert Bigelow to conduct scientific research to investigate the claims of paranormal activity. He admitted he was a skeptic at the time, but his mind has since shifted. “I eventually had my own undeniable Close Encounter -a UFO sighting in broad daylight with multiple witnesses.”

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch experiment showing electricity coming out of instrument
Credit Sky History youtube channel

The US government reported UFOs were ‘real’

The ranch piqued the interest of the Pentagon, prompting deeper research into unidentified aerial objects under the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP). The unit’s former director, Luis Elizondo, told CBS in 2021 that UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) were legitimate.

“The government has already stated for the record that they’re real,” he claimed. “I’m not telling you that, the United States government is telling you that.”

Findings reportedly witnessed “technology that can do 6-to-700 g-forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour, that can evade radar, and that can fly through air and water and possibly space.”

Of course, experts are not immediately jumping to conclusions without considering objects possibly launched by other nations. But former Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves alleged that his squadron witnessed UAPs hovering over restricted airspace through radar and infrared cameras.

It’s important to note that Elizondo and Graves have not confirmed that the objects are UFOs or alien activity. They are only unidentified and unexplained objects.

UFO skeptic and writer Robert Sheaffer is among those who have shut down their findings. Sheaffer claimed that AATIP’s documents were “weird science” that do not “directly relate to investigating UFO reports”.

The author also criticized that the military was “more concerned about ‘range incursions’ by drones and small aircraft than about any unidentified flying objects.” The bottom line: Sheaffer concluded that if an unknown object entered the military airspace, the government deemed it as a UAP, while any technologies elsewhere, “they apparently don’t care”.

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