As Dr. Jen Armstrong and husband Ryne Holliday share the insights of their relationship on RHOC, fans have been unable to stop themselves from predicting a potential divorce on the way.

She first brought her hubby into the public eye by showing a shirtless photo of him, before going on to say that he basically never wears a shirt. Her confused friend Heather Dubrow then questioned if he EVER wears one.

Fast forward about a month and fans think the married couple could face a ‘divorce bug’ sometime soon. We found out whether Jen and Ryne are still together, or whether there is any truth to the predictions.

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Joe Montana: Cool Under Pressure | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Jen and Ryne’s ‘divorce bug’

As fans get to know more about Jen and Ryne’s relationship, more and more are predicting that they could get divorced soon. Looking through social media, it’s clear to see RHOC viewers are urging her to split from him.

One fan wrote: “Jen your solution is called divorce and a shirt for him!” While another said on Twitter: “Dr. Jen needs to divorce that man and keep it moving. #RHOC.”

When Jen told Ryne she loved him and he responded with “have fun”, viewers could not believe the humiliation she may have felt and therefore made their own minds up about her husband.

I may be wrong, but I feel like the next divorce coming down the pipeline on #RHOC is going to be Dr. Jen & her man“, shared a viewer. But then would he finally put a shirt on for the court proceedings?!

Are the RHOC couple still married?

Yes, Jen and Ryne are still a married couple. In fact, she revealed on Watch What Happens Live on February 9th that going on RHOC made their relationship even stronger.

Jen said that the show was “healing” for her marriage, despite the cameras making their relationship hard at first. She also admitted that they have never had a great relationship when it comes to him supporting her emotionally.

Since having a spotlight on their relationship, she told host Andy Cohen that they are “pretty good” and “in a way better place”. So, it looks like the fan predictions haven’t come to fruition so far.

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Their relationship timeline

Dr. Jen Armstrong and Ryne Holliday have lived in their California-based home for 10 years.

They now have three children together, including two boys Vince and Valor, and one daughter Cece. Oh, and they are also dog parents to Mr. Pups, who features on RHOC!

In 2020, the couple purchased a home for $3,000,000, and listed the property for $5.9 million. However, they decided to remove the listing completely on November 9th after reportedly failing to find a buyer.

While it is not known how long Ryne and Jen have been together, they likely go back many years – way before 2011!



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