DJ Duffey's youthful looks has everyone shooting looks about her real age

DJ Duffey's youthful looks has everyone shooting looks about her real age

DJ Duffey has returned to VH1’s Basketball Wives, where she is seen speaking to French Montana about her big mansion birthday plans. From her real age to how she ended up celebrating, we’ve got the ultimate scoop.

The reality star, whose real name is LaTosha, is always full of energy and has even twerked during French’s performance at Coachella in the past. She is also a mother, DJ, influencer, feminist, AND photographer!

Having been engaged to fiancé Iman Shokuohizadeh since 2016, Reality Titbit looked into her real age compared to her beau – who works in the NBA – as well as her children’s birthdays.

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Basketball Wives: Duffey’s birthday

Born as Latosha Duffey on August 25th 1988, making her 33 years old at the time of writing. She has been seen planning her big birthday bash on Basketball Wives recently, and even hopes French Montana will celebrate with her.

She wants to live up her 33rd in Las Vegas – as filming took place when she was 32 – in a huge mansion filled with all of her loved ones. Duffey told French: ““Like it’s crazy vibes. For my birthday, I wanted to go big. Everyone is coming.

However, with her DJ career set in check, she added: “I have to go check that the set is good before they arrive.” Her friend Brittish Williams later told French that Duffey wants to record a song with him.

Her age compared to fiance Iman

Latosha’s fiance Iman Shokuohizadeh is currently 39 years old, making him six years older than the DJ. Born March 22nd 1983, they have been engaged since 2016 and seem more loved up than ever!

She wrote on Instagram earlier in 2022:

This year more dates! Me and Iman got so comfortable after Covid that dates have not been a priority for years 😒 I brought him to a spot my friends love to have drinks at in Dallas called Catbird.

Duffey and Iman have been together for several years, having got engaged after months of dating. She previously gave a shout out to fellow “outgoing women” like herself who are in “healthy happy relationships” and said:

I just wanted to highlight to the outgoing women like myself with big personalities that you can have a career and be whatever or whoever you want and still be in a healthy happy relationship…I’m DJ Duffey and LaTosha and my family understands the difference between the two….those days of diming your light to please a man are dead! Love each other as individuals and build an empire together!

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Meet DJ Duffey’s children

Iman is a former NBA player who she shares a daughter with. In 2020, they welcomed Shadi. The little one, who celebrates her birthday in November, even has her own Instagram (@iwant_shadi) which has at least 25K followers!

Duffey also has a son, Heir, from a previous marriage to an NFL player, as per Bossip. She previously married her high school sweetheart, Brian Jackson, shortly after graduating from the University of Texas at twenty-one, before they split.

Her ex-husband, who was then a member of the New York Giants, made the move to New York with her. After that, the couple had Heir together. However, five months after living there, she moved to Texas with Heir.



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