National Geographic viewers have called for new series of Dr. T Lone Star Vet. So is the show cancelled or renewed?

National Geographic never disappoints its viewers as it boasts a large portfolio of original documentaries, travel series and gripping reality shows.

One programme that has gained a loyal fan base and solid ratings is Dr. T Lone Star Vet.

But has the show been renewed or cancelled? Will there be a second season of Dr. T Lone Star Vet?

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Dr. T Lone Star Vet on National Geographic

The first series of Dr. T Lone Star Vet hit our screens back in 2019.

Narrated by Chris Payne Gilbert (from TBS sitcom 10 Items or Less), the National Geographic programme follows Dr. Lauren Thielen, owner of an exotic animal clinic based near one of the state’s largest and busiest animal hospitals in Texas.

From hedgehogs to kangaroos, Dr. T pampers all her patients with a lot of care and love with the help of other specialists.

Is Dr. T Lone Star Vet cancelled?

No. There are no reports that Dr. T Lone Star Vet has been cancelled.

But at the same time, National Geographic is yet to give the green light and reveal whether there will be another season of the series.

Lauren Thielen has given an update on her Instagram profile, as one fan asked: “Is there going to b a new season of Dr. T or what? I don’t know why anyone won’t answer “well it’s your show” can you give an answer please?”

Lauren replied: “We can’t film with Covid. So who knows.”

That’s reassuring as there might be a new season at some point in the future once filming and production of TV shows go back to normal.

National Geographic or Lauren should follow up with an update once there’s more news about the show’s fate.

Fans call for new series

The first season of Dr. T Lone Star Vet proved so popular with viewers at home that many have called for a second season straight away.

One fan tweeted: “Looking forward to a new season of Dr. T Lone Star Vet! She is amazing and a joy to watch! Make it happen NatGeoWild!”

Another one commented on Lauren’s Instagram: “Wish your show was back on.”

Someone else added: “When are you guys gonna be back for a new season? Miss watching all the cool stuff you do.”


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