Ex on the Beach: Who is transgender Cara Cooper? Is she on Instagram?
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Ex on the Beach: Who is transgender Cara Cooper? Is she on Instagram?

Tuesday night’s (July 23rd) episode of Ex on the Beach saw ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show gardener’ Billy Reilich kick-start his journey to rekindling a relationship with ex Cara Cooper.

The bulky fitness model and actor was the only cast member in the latest MTV series not to couple up with someone in the first episode.

Fortunately, in episode 2, ex-partner Cara glided out of the water in super slow-motion and promptly melted into the ridiculous sized arms of Billy.

So who is Cara? Why did the pair break up? And what does the future hold?

Who is Billy Reilich?

Billy is a 28-year-old bodybuilder, fitness model and actor from Dayton, Ohio.

His climb to stardom started in 2014 where he starred on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as ‘Nick the Gardener’, a random spin-off character renown for randomly ripping off his top.

A flawless physique combined with a close friendship with Ellen helped Billy onto the set of Magic Mike XXL, where he played a fireman stripper.

Billy identifies as pansexual (not limited in sexual choice by gender) with much of his dating life kept a secret until Ex on the Beach season 3.

What happened between Billy and Cara?

While other couples on the MTV series broke up with explosive fireworks, things simply fizzled out for Billy and Cara.

In episode 2, Billy confessed that he had previously been ashamed of both Cara and himself. He said that he was very close-minded at the time of dating and never truly came to terms with the fact he was pansexual and Cara was transgender.

Cara was the first trans girl Billy had ever dated, where she was still in the early stages of transition. Now, however, Billy is adamant that he is proud of Cara’s true identity and wants to pick things up.

Who is Cara Cooper? Is she on Instagram?

Cara is a transgender model from Los Angeles, USA, who has completed a full transition from male to female. It’s believed that she started her transition in 2009.

She works for model agency DT Model in fashion and style.

On Instagram, Cara (@caraacooper) has over 4,000 followers with half as many on YouTube, where she’s documented her gender transition, including a breast argumentation series that started in early 2018.

Having recently thrown a prom queen party for her birthday, Cara said:

“Thank you to everyone who came out for my birthday party prom. I went to four proms as a boy, almost 10 years ago. But I finally got to be crowned the queen I was always meant to be.”





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