The tenth season of the Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown is back with host and executive producer, Josh Gates. The series which explores unknown events, lost cities and histories buried treasures will be travelling to brand new countries across the globe.

The adventurous and curious Josh Gates has returned to be the face of season 10, but when not on a crazy quest, who is the show’s host?

Josh Gates’ family life

Born on 10th August 1977, making Josh 43 years old and a Leo, he grew up in Manchester-by-the-sea, Massachusetts. His British mother and deep-sea diver father meant that from an early age, Josh had a passion for exploring and travel.

The 6ft2 explorer now resides in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and two children.

Josh and his wife, American therapist, Hallie Gnatovich, first met as co-stars on the set of Destination Truth which was Josh’s first big hosting job of his career. The two have now been married for six years, since their marriage ceremony in September 2014.

The pair now have two young children, Owen, five, and Isla, three. Josh even gave his son, Owen, the middle name Indiana – presumably named after the fictional archaeologist, Indiana Jones.

An adventurous career

Fourty-three-year-old Josh is a television host and producer for several different shows, including Stranded, Legendary Locations, Ghost Nation and of course, Expedition Unknown.

Having attended Massachusetts, Tufts University majoring in both archaeology and drama, Josh’s degree took him straight into his current field of work.

Josh’s travels throughout his career have led him to visit over 100 countries from Siberia to Africa and even Antarctica.

Today, Josh is also a member of The Explorers Club, a professional society to promote scientific exploration and is a meeting point for scientists and explorers across the globe. Previous members have included America’s 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt and astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Instagram explored

A direct reflection of the explorer’s life, Josh’s Instagram is just as adventurous as he is. With an abundance of travel posts and strange archaeological finds, Josh’s Instagram is almost like his own travel journal.

From your classic plane window view to destination photos, some of Josh’s most liked posts by his followers are those which include the famous faces that Josh has met along his journey. Some of these celebrities include award-winning television host, Larry King, American host ,Jessica Chobot and actor, Christopher Lloyd.

Josh even has his work merged into his holiday celebrations, with usual Thanksgiving decorations accompanied by some ancient artefacts – it seems like Josh’s home never looks boring!

The new series of Expedition Unknown premiered on Wednesday 21st July and is available to watch every Wednesday at 8pm ET/PT on the Discovery Channel.

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