Claim to fame is a brand new show to ABC in 2022. Kevin and Frankie Jonas are the hosts of the exciting series which sees the relatives of famous people all living in a house together. They all have one thing in common – they’re related to someone famous, but the aim of the game is to not let slip who it is they’re related to. Fans think they know who Lark is on Claim to Fame, so let’s take a look at their guesses.

Twelve celebrity relatives started out on the show, but some, such as Chuck Norris’ grandson, Maxwell, were axed from the competition before it really even began. Each week someone goes home and it was up to Lark in week three to guess who one of her fellow contestants was.

Lark stands in the middle of the Claim to Fame contestants on a stand wearing a red dress
Lark Hopes to Expose X’s Claim to Fame – Claim to Fame

Lark on Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame‘s Lark is one of the show’s original 12 contestants. She is joined by the likes of X, Louise, Brittany and LC on the show.

She had to guess who one of her fellow contestants was during episode 3. If she guessed correctly, they’d go home, but if she got it wrong, she would have to pack her bags and leave.

Lark guessed in episode 3 that X was a relative of Orange Is the New Black’s Laverne Cox after receiving a clue from Louise. Lark was correct in her guess and it turned out that Laverne and X are twins.

Fans guess who Lark on Claim to Fame is

Given that the aim of the game on Claim to Fame is for the competitors to hide their identity for as long as possible, each week fans are finding great pleasure in hedging their bets on who is related to who.

When it comes to brunette bombshell Lark, fans have tweeted that they think she could be related to Winona Ryder.

More have suggested that she and Cindy Crawford are related.

Another tweeted that they think Lark is related to Jessica Simpson.

Jean shorts to the way she walks

Viewers aren’t just throwing guesses out there without backing it up on Twitter.

Some have cited that Lark wearing jean shorts is a direct clue that she’s related to Cindy Crawford.

Others have observed the way that she walks and likened her mannerisms to the model.

Not everyone is sold her on her being Cindy Crawfords relative, though, one person tweeted their thoughts that she may be related to the Jonas’.

People reports that it’s been confirmed that Lark’s “famous relative is her aunt” and that someone in the cast has a “runway queen”.



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