After the reality TV star took to Instagram to share her wedding news, fans are wondering if Egypt from Growing Up Hip Hop has had her baby. Announcing her pregnancy when she was quite far along, it was only a matter of time before she officially became a mom.

Egypt Criss has definitely had a busier year than most, and it’s only just March! The Growing Up Hip Hop Star has been keeping fans on their toes with exciting announcements here, there, and everywhere. She’s certainly ready to pack in all the drama for the seventh and final season of the show.

Egypt Criss And Sam Mattick Share Wedding News

The two GUHH alumni shared the exciting news with their fans that they got married at the end of January. The couple has been together for six years and will welcome their first baby this year.

Taking to Instagram with all the details, Egypt showed off her beautiful purple floral gown and her blossoming bump, joking that she “was dropping it low at 8 1/2 months.”

Her now-husband Sam Mattick shared the video on his own Instagram, telling his followers that We TV weren’t at the ceremony, so it’s unlikely fans will see it on the show. Fans were able to see them make it to the courthouse in one of the more recent episodes, but it seems the big party is for family and friends only

Followers also noticed that Egypt’s dad didn’t seem to be at the wedding, although it should be kept in mind that the video was only a short snippet of the day.

Egypt is the daughter of Pepa from Salt-n-Pepa and Treach from Naughty by Nature. The 24-year-old specifically thanked her mom for her help to make her “dream wedding” happen but didn’t mention her dad.

After posting the happy news, fans took to the comments to ask if the star has had her baby yet.

Fans wonder did Egypt from Growing Up Hip Hop have her baby

With all the wedding news, fans of Egypt are now wondering if she’s had the baby yet.

In her post, Egypt confirmed that she was eight and a half months pregnant at the end of January, meaning that her due date would be towards the middle of February. As we’re now almost in the middle of March, it seems likely that Egypt and Sam have had their baby, particularly as there were four weeks between her two wedding posts on Instagram. However, nothing has officially been confirmed yet.

Egypt Reveals Baby Name And Birth Plans

Egypt Criss at Growing Up Hip Hop 2019 premier wearing sheer b;ack top and silver head piece looking into camera
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What the pair have confirmed is what they plan to call their baby. Speaking to Hollywood Life, Egypt revealed that they had already picked out a name for their little girl and that it’s sticking with the family theme:

“We’re going to name her Phara’h Clea. We’re keeping that Egyptian vibe going. It just gave that royal essence that we really love.”

However, those who were hoping to see a glimpse of the birth on the show will be disappointed:

“This one’s definitely gonna be a private one because I can’t have that viewing right there. It’s going to be super special.”

Luckily, Egypt did confirm that, once Phara’h Clea is here, there will be no stopping the new mom from showing her off.

Speaking about how she’s found the experience, the GUHH star said it’s been wonderful.

“I just love this new experience, though,” she said. “I love that I have a great partner to help me through it because, honestly, it’s a lot to handle when you’re going through sickness and the emotions and everything. But other than that, it’s honestly so joyful.”

We imagine she’ll take to motherhood just as well as she took to being pregnant. If Egypt does plan on showing her daughter off, then it’s surely only a matter of time before we get the official baby announcement.

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