Farmer Wants a Wife USA season 1 has wrapped for 2023, so of course fans want to know which couples are still together, and of course, we’ve dug out the tea.

The Fox show has been airing since March, as four men who work on the land were on a hunt for true love. Farmer Ryan eliminated Haley mid-season but realized he made a mistake, however, she then shocked viewers when she rejected him in wanting to move forward at the end. But what about the other couples?

We take a look at which Farmer Wants A Wife cast mates are still together from the show, and what they’ve said about their futures.

Hunter and Meghan

Yes, Harry and Meghan are still together!

Fans will be happy to know that Hunter and Meghan are still going strong. The pair took to Instagram to share their love and fans are over the moon.

“This ended the way it should have,” wrote one.

“So happy for y’all! The only couple I watched the show for! Yay!”

Speaking to Distractify, Meghan said she’s ‘glad it’s over’ as the couple can now go out in public after having to ‘hide’ from the public for six months since the show was filmed.

Allen and Khelsi

Unfortunately, there’s no clear if this Farmer Wants a Wife USA 2023 couple are still together. However, before the finale, Khelsi appeared to write a heartfelt message to Allen whilst sharing a video, as she wrote:

“This one’s for you Allen Foster, my intentions of finding my person couldn’t be more pure and to share this vulnerable experience of love & adventure has been a truly unforgettable experience.”

Fans rushed to the comments to hope they were still together although one wrote: “She is in California for the finale and NOT in Florida with Allen.”

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any updates.

Landon and Ashley

In a battle of the Ashleys Landon decided to go with Ashley L instead of R.

Unfortunately, it’s the same here as there’s no clear-cut answer to whether the two made it past the show or not. The two still both follow each other on Instagram, so we’re still holding out hope!

Fans are holding out hope in the comments of both their Instagrams as one wrote: “Please please tell me you guys are still together. You guys are so cute.”

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