The American Idol judges have been moved by many of the auditionees during the 2023 series, including Fire Wilmore.

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan were blown away by many of the singers who walked into the audition room in series 21.

Jon Wayne Hatfield’s audition song had the judges and viewers at home feeling emotional.

Let’s find out more about another of the American Idol auditionees who wants to change her life for herself and her daughter.

Meet Fire Wilmore

American Idol season 21 episode 5 introduced fans to a singer with a passion to change her life.

The fourth round of auditions welcomed Fire Wilmore – a single mom who lives in Virginia.

She and her daughter, Maya Fontano, appeared at the audition.

Fire’s daughter is four years old. She said: “I never expected to be pregnant and alone at the age of 18,” but added that “it made her so happy.”

Fire is a dancer

Katy Perry asked Fire some questions as she showed up for her American Idol audition.

The 22-year-old says that she hailed from Lawton, Oklahoma but now lives in Virginia.

She added that Fire isn’t her real name, but her stage name.

Fire’s actual name is Dani Marie Wilmore.

She said during her audition that she’s a dancer and works as a stripper.

Fire sang Bruno Mars’ Talking To The Moon on American Idol and was asked back for a second audition which will take place in Nashville.

American Idol star’s story

After introducing herself on ABC‘s American Idol, Fire explained that her life had been quite tumultuous.

She said: “My life is kind of a crazy story, honestly.”

Fire said that she was born into a big family and that her mother was “in and out of drugs.”

She was placed into state custody as a child and said that her life “sucked.”

Fire decided to audition for American Idol to change her life. She said: “The world’s not designed for single moms to be successful, so I did what I had to do.”

The singer can be found on Instagram and TikTok under the handle @imfireofficial.


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