Garcelle Beauvais sees fans 'proud' of her after Bill Cosby meeting claims

Garcelle Beauvais sees fans 'proud' of her after Bill Cosby meeting claims

Garcelle Beauvais has claimed she ran out of Bill Cosby’s home in the 1980s after she didn’t “feel right”, some time after appearing on his show. She made her claims on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Fans are praising Garcelle Beauvais for talking about her experience, which she has written about in her new book, Love Me As I Am. She also repeated her claims to talk show host Andy Cohen on Andy Radio.

Cosby had cast her in a small part in an episode of The Cosby Show in the 1980s before she was invited to his home to discuss her career. But Garcelle claims she ran out after allegedly taking a sip from a drink because she “just didn’t feel right.”

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Garcelle Beauvais and Bill Cosby

The Daily Mail reports Garcelle claims she was invited to the star’s home but ran out of the property after he gave her a shot of alcohol. She claimed she “didn’t feel right” and therefore left.

The now-RHOBH star said she received news from an agent in the 1980s who told her Bill Cosby wanted her phone number. She agreed and received a call from the Grammy award winner. Garcelle alleges he said:

I’ve seen you around and I think you’d be great for the show. I’m going to offer you a small part, but I also think education is really important.

As per the Daily Mail, Garcelle said she felt the last thing the comedian said was “really weird” because “someone that I didn’t really know” thought she needed more education. Garcelle was cast in a 1986 episode of The Cosby Show as a nurse but didn’t receive an on-screen credit. 

Garcelle then claimed she visited the star’s home to discuss her career but: “I remember taking a sip and not feeling great.”

And I don’t know, I just didn’t feel right. And something told me to get out of there. And I literally got up and I ran out of there and I got into a cab and I went to my apartment and I was freaked out.

Garcelle called the experience a “cautionary tale about really listening to your gut instincts.”

Reality Titbit has reached out to legal representatives of Mr Cosby for comment.

RHOBH fans ‘proud’ of Garcelle

When Garcelle spoke about the experience in her book and recently on RHOBH, she was praised on social media for opening up about the encounter.

One fan penned: “Garcelle opening up about her experience with Bill Cosby is so heartbreaking.”

Another viewer reacted on Twitter: “Garcelle opening up about Bill Cosby really hurt me. I’m glad she’s getting deeper, she always shares her story.”

“I had no idea Garcelle had an experience with Bill Cosby,” wrote another social media user.

Inside Garcelle’s new book

Garcelle released her book Love Me As I Am in April this year. It is her first autobiographical memoir following three children’s books, published in 2013 to 2015, including I Am Living In Two Homes.

Fans can buy the memoir on Amazon for $22.36 (£18.40) in hardback. It features her early childhood years in Haiti, her adolescence in Boston, her days as a model in New York, and her move to Los Angeles.

From her three-decade acting career to reality TV fame, Garcelle claims she has suffered from an emotional battle between her wild, rebellious nature and desire to be a “good girl.”

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Bill Cosby conviction overturned

As per the Daily Mail report, Bill Cosby was convicted and sentenced to prison for aggravated indecent assault in 2018 after a Temple University employee claimed she was attacked at his home in 2004. 

He served three years before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the conviction.

In documents released from the civil trial and reported by the Daily Mail, the entertainer admitted to casual sex involving recreational use of the sedative-hypnotic (Quaaludes) and acknowledged his dispensing the prescription drug was illegal. He also said any sex was consensual. 



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