Son of TV personality, Duane Olligner, and travelling man himself, Chad Ollinger, is most known for his appearance on the Discovery show Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

A few years back, the Ollinger’s sold their business and packed up their home to focus on a life of exploration and adventure. 

Chad never imagined he would end up a reality TV star, but that is exactly what happened. So, let’s find out more about the Discovery star.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter? | Official Trailer | discovery+

Like Mother, Like Daughter? | Official Trailer | discovery+

Who is Chad Ollinger?

Son of Duane and Sherry Ollinger, Chad is an American born full-time traveller. Though the year he was born is unknown, he is said to be between 35-45 years old and is born on the 23rd of August. 

Before discovering his love for travelling, Chad used to compete in wrestling when he was just 17 years old. He has had his ambition and hunky body with him since then.

Aside from travelling, Chad is a family man. He is a loving father to four children – Lillie, Hutch, Finn and Hazel, whom he shares with his wife Haley Ollinger. Haley is a writer who can be found on Instagram @haleyollinger.

He is very close to his family and they are frequently featured on his social media and throughout his YouTube videos. 

Is Chad on Instagram?

Chad’s other passion in life is sharing his adventures and travels as much as he can via his Instagram (@ollingerchad) and YouTube accounts. 

Although his following isn’t huge, the 1,469 followers he does have are likely delighted daily by his frequent posts and updates. However, his account is private so you’d have to give him a follow if you want to check it out.

The Ollingers also have a family travel page on Instagram @allinollies, which has over 1.3k followers.

Chad’s YouTube page contains videos and vlogs from his adventures, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. He also uses his YouTube to show off his “Full-time travel family of 6“. 

Watch his homemade series on YouTube, All In Ollies below…

How did Chad Ollinger end up on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch?

Chad lives on a bus with his wife and four children, but before the life he’s got now, he used to own his own crop dusting and aviation business in Texas.

He joined the cast of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch in 2021 and has appeared in both seasons 1 and 2.

As per Discovery, Chad “sold his crop-dusting business and family home to help fund this year’s operation”. It appears that Blind Frog Ranch is a family venture and Chad and his father, Duane, are determined to find treasure on the Utah land.



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