Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he gets “incredibly upset” when people make certain claims about him following his brother Ronald Ramsay’s drug addiction.

Gordon Ramsay has opened up about his difficult upbringing on council estates and got candid about his brother’s past troubles with addiction.

The Fox star has presented documentaries about cocaine addiction in the UK and said that he was hurt when viewers made wrong assumptions about his “loud” personality.

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Gordon Ramsay opens up about brother’s addiction

The British chef appeared on Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews’ Big Fish podcast and got frank about what growing up on council estates was like.

The celebrity chef talked about his relationship with his younger brother, Ronald Ramsay, and said that life could have been different for him if he’d “gone down a different road”.

“It’s bizarre, you grow up on a council estate, several council estates and sharing this tiny bedroom. You’re in bunk beds, and you’re so close as brothers; we’re 14 months apart, and how one’s life can change dramatically,” the 56-year-old star said.

He continued: “I’ve got that stern reminder on a daily basis, and I remind myself how different it could have been if I’d gone down a different road and felt that the country owed me something rather than fight for something.”

The chef gets “incredibly upset” about false claims

Elsewhere in the interview, The Next Level Chef host admitted that he gets “incredibly upset” when some people make false claims about his “loud” personality and accuse him of taking drugs.

“I get incredibly upset when everybody thinks that I’m on it because you’re boisterous, you’re loud, and you’re excited,” he went on to say. “That’s just passion, pure f*****g passion. That’s no different to being in a dressing room, changing room at halftime two-nil down, and you’ve got to get your s*** together in the next 45 minutes.”

Ramsay added: “I got upset when everyone thought that rock and roll status in the industry was dependent on this f*****g white powder, and it was absolute nonsense.”

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Gordon’s brother was jailed in 2007

Gordon’s brother was arrested in February 2007 in Indonesia after authorities found 100 milligrams of heroin in his pocket during a search outside a supermarket. Ronald faced a 10-year sentence but he pleaded guilty and was imprisoned for 10 months with a £265 fine.

The celebrity chef has been vocal about the issues of drug addiction and he hosted the two-part series Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine in 2017.


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