Gunter Nezhoda’s death comes as a shock to many Storage Wars fans in 2023.

Not only was Gunter a Storage Wars star but he also was an avid photographer and musician.

His son, Rene Nezhoda, took to social media on March 22 to share the sad news that his father had passed away.

Rene said that he was a much-loved member of the cast as he appeared alongside his family, Rene, Casey, and their kids.

Who was Gunter Nezhoda?

Gunter Nezhoda was a much-loved cast member on the A&E show Storage Wars.

He appeared on the show alongside his son, Rene, and his daughter-in-law, Casey Nezhoda.

Gunter was born in Vienna, Austria, and later moved to Germany but opted for a life in Las Vegas.

He played bass guitar alongside Pat Travers and other musicians.

Gunter Nezhoda’s death

On March 22, 2023, Rene Nezhoda took to Instagram to share the sad news that his father had passed away.

The A&E Network star said that it was a “sad day.”

Rene said that Gunter passed away “peacefully in his sleep,” after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Gunter died at the age of 67.

Speaking of his father, he said: “Everybody loved working with my dad.”

Rene Nezhoda explains father’s death

When Rene spoke to his followers on social media, he explained that his dad had been smoking for thirty years.

He said that his dad passed away from “complications from lung cancer,” that his father had “all kinds of holes in his lungs,” and that doctors couldn’t do any more.

Rene added that the family kept Gunter’s lung cancer diagnosis private as they thought he’d make a full recovery but he sadly didn’t.

He added: “Now hopefully he’s up there in heaven with my mom, dancing again…”

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