How Briana Latrise made her own fortune after father's success
Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

How Briana Latrise made her own fortune after father's success

Growing Up Hip Hop’s Briana Latrise may be the daughter of wealthy producer Kendu Isaacs, but that didn’t mean she stopped grinding to have her own business and make herself a fortune.

She was once arrested as a result of a disagreement with a neighbor, but has since come back as the continued successful owner of House of BLK, alongside juggling being a mom and filming for GUHH.

The reality TV star never stopped at her father’s success and instead ploughed on to make her mark in the world of entrepreneurs, which involves selling incense sticks in Los Angeles, California.

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Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Briana Latrise’s success

Briana has a long list on her resume, from being a proud business owner to making her mark as an artist in the music industry. Add to that being a writer, mom and Growing Up Hip Hop cast member!

She is known as the eldest daughter of record executive Kendu Issacs, whose ex is singer Mary J. Blige. However, she made her own success as the founder of ‘Tuesdays At Heart’ and writer of the TV series ‘The People in the Back’.

Her fame truly rocketed when she first appeared on the WE tv show in 2016. This was just the start for Briana, who went on to create a business, and is now often seen eating good food and enjoying her lifestyle.

Her net worth in 2022

Briana is thought to be worth around $4million, with her main income as her GUHH salary and business. Business Insider reports that cable reality television stars can make anywhere from $12,000 and more per episode.

Having travelled so frequently while growing up, she reportedly describes herself as a gypsy who always moved. Now, Briana is constantly surrounded by big-time musicians and entrepreneurs, such as Lil Twist.

As a media artist, Briana is known as one of the main fixtures on the show and therefore is likely to get paid on the higher end of the cast salaries.

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Kendu Isaac’s fortune

Kendu has reportedly accumulated a net worth of $5million as of 2022, mainly due to his work as a record producer. His fame first came when he was married to ex and successful musician Mary J. Blige.

He reportedly received spousal support from the singer-songwriter, who he was a manager for before they tied the knot in 2003. They later divorced in 2018, due to irreconcilable differences.

The celebrity manager initially asked the court for nearly $130,000 a month in spousal support. The judge then awarded him $30,000 a month to pay for the “style of living” he enjoyed while the former pair were married.

When asked about what her ideal guy in a 2019 BBC Radio 1Xtra interview, Mary said: “He has to have more money than me, that’s for sure, because I’m not taking care of any more men!”

Mary has a whopping $20million net worth, so they would have to be earning way more…



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