Deadliest Catch has landed on Discovery Channel for its 17th season running. Fans are wondering how is Deadliest Catch filmed.

Deadliest Catch has been running on the Discovery Channel. since season 1 first premiered in April 2005. Fans are wondering how the reality series filmed its latest season mid-pandemic.

Season 17 began airing on March 19th and is set to air its final episode tomorrow on 25th May 2021 on Discovery+, for Discovery Channel this will be on 1st June 2021.

How is Deadliest Catch filmed?

  • With great difficulty. Not only do the crew have to account for obstacles and plenty of movement but also climate change.

The camera crew regularly change up the tech they use to get the cleanest shots they can, as well as those that will endure the harsh environments. The most recent piece in use would be Panasonics cameras with “dual ISO technology in their VariCam LT, which is frequently partnered with the EVA1 on deck”.

Many of the camera crew are said to work anywhere between 19-20 hours a day which makes for hard and perilous work on the choppy unforgiving waters. This also means that they need to be in good physical shape.

Here is a list of the equipment that can be seen on Season 17.

Filming locations explored

Deadliest Catch was filmed near the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

Season 17 is filmed on boats with captain and crew in the sea, as previous seasons were also filmed. Season 17 shows the fishermen make their way to Dutch Harbour in Alaska. However, many of the fleet “are tied up in Seattle“.

Crab season is generally in the winter months of October-January so for a good few weeks especially during lockdown the filming crew and fishermen lived on the boats.

How to watch the Deadliest Catch

Fans can catch up with previous seasons of Deadliest Catch on Discovery+ and Discovery in the USA and some regions. Subscriptions cost $4.99 a month.

For fans in the UK, Discovery Channel is available to Sky users with 12 months free* to Sky Q customers.

Each season is also available on Amazon Prime Video, which at the time of writing offers a 7-day-free trial for Discovery Channel. After this, it will cost £4.99 a month.

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