Sophia Grace and Rosie, who were known for their Ellen Show appearances as children, have returned to the show to celebrate its final season.

The girls were two of Ellen’s most iconic guests, and they appeared on the show over 30 times in ten years. The show saw their rise to fame, interviewing celebrities on red carpets, hosting tea parties with A-Listers, and duetting with Nicki Minaj.

Sophia Grace and Rosie return to The Ellen Show

Sophia Grace and Rosie, now 19 years old and 15 years old, finally returned to The Ellen Show in its final season. They discussed their rise to fame and appearances on the show as children.

Rosie spoke about her favourite memory, which was when Justin Bieber kissed her on the cheek. She said: “At that time, I was like ‘urgh a boy he’s kissing me on the cheek,’ and now I’m like oh my god I would let Justin Bieber kiss me on the cheek again.”

Sophia Grace said that meeting Nicki Minaj on the show was a “core memory,” deeming the moment Minaj came out onto the stage as “chaos.”

The two then performed their iconic cover of Superbass, complete with their original props.

What are Sophia Grace and Rosie up to now?

Sophia Grace explained that she is focusing on music at the moment, and has just released a song called Little Things.

Rosie told Ellen that she is “following in Sophia’s footsteps” and pursuing music, having released a song of her own, Safe in Your Love.

The older of the two boasts a large online presence, and has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Sophia Grace posted on her Instagram account announcing her appearance on The Ellen Show. She thanked Ellen for “so many amazing opportunities” and Rosie for being alongside her “through everything.”

Rosie also has a big following, with 757 thousand fans on Instagram. She shared several pictures from her visit back to The Ellen Show and wrote online: “This felt like a dream, it still does! I will forever be thankful to you Ellen for all the amazing opportunities you have given to me and Sophia and coming on the show one last time was definitely in on my lifetime bucket list!”

Fans react to Sophia Grace and Rosie years later

Fans couldn’t help but share their excitement over the return of Sophia Grace and Rosie. The last time we saw them on television the girls were just tots, so many people were surprised to see them all grown up.

One person tweeted: “I have never felt as old as I do now seeing Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen.”

Another said: “sophia grace and rosie being back on ellen gosh im emotional.”