A brand new season of The Bachelor has started.

This time around, it’s 26-year-old former American football player Colton Underwood who is looking to find true love.

Series 23 episode 1 launched at the beginning of 2019 as Colton kick-started his quest to find a potential wife.

Question is, can you watch the USA Bachelor in the UK?

Episode 2301 – The Bachelor (ABC/Rick Rowell)

How to Watch The Bachelor in the UK

Unfortunately, The Bachelor season 23 is not available to watch anywhere on UK TV or online.

Your only possible method to watch episode 7 is by using accessing an online USA site, such as Hulu, abc.go.com or Vudu.

To do so, however, you will need a VPN tool, which costs around £3.99 per month to use.

Watch the Bachelor Using a VPN

USA Media players such as Hulu, abc.go.com and the Vudu can be accessed so long as your VPN address appears to be in the USA.

You can purchase a VPN tool for a few pounds per month, which will redirect your VPN to the USA. Basically, you make it look like your laptop is in somewhere snazzy like New York when you’re slumped on a sofa Hartlepool.

Here’s all you need to know about using a VPN tool to watch The Bachelor season 23.

The Bachelor - "Episode 2301" - Bachelor 23 and all 30 contestants
The Bachelor – “Episode 2301” – Bachelor 23 and all 30 contestants

1. Pick a VPN Tool

There are a wealth of VPN tools out there but we recommend the likes of Express VPN, VPN Hub, Panda, Cyber Ghost, Nord VPN, Pure VPN, Vypr VPN and unlocator.com.

All of them will cost a little bit of dollar although some of the tools offer free 30-day trials.

There are also multiple packages depending on whether you want to hide ads or block privacy filters, etc.

However, the cheapest and simplest package is all you need to watch The Bachelor

2. Download and Install

Simply sign up to your chosen VPN tool – usually via one, three, six or 12-month deals – and download the tool.

3. Follow the Instructions

Each VPN tool comes with different guidelines.

However, they’re all relatively easy to follow but may vary depending on whether you have a MacBook or Windows software.

The key is remembering to select ‘USA’ when prompted to select where you would like your new VPN to be registered.

3. Access any Worldwide Website

With the VPN correctly setup you should now be able to access any USA or worldwide website.

This means that you could set up an account for the American Netflix, login to abc.go.com to watch The Bachelor or check out something from Australia.

The world is your oyster!

Who is The Bachelor 2019?

The Bachelor for 2019 is absolute hunk Colton Underwood.

He has previously dated gymnast Aly Raisman but they broke up in 2017.

Colton is no stranger to the show as he was a contestant on the 14th season of The Bachelorette in 2018 which starred Becca Kufrin.

He made it to the eighth week on the show but got eliminated after the hometown dates.

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