Victoria Fuller got engaged to Johnny DePhillipo during Bachelor in Paradise, but it was later revealed at the reunion that they had split and that she is now dating Greg Grippo – who she got matching ‘Ciao’ ink with.

Fans were gobsmacked when the big season 8 finale confirmed Victoria and Greg, who had been casually messaging before the show began filming, are now an item who have been living it up in Italy for a romantic trip.

However, it’s not just the two dating that shocked viewers but the fact they got matching tattoos which say ‘Ciao’. Those watching are now curious about exactly what the word signifies, so Reality Titbit looked into its meaning.

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‘Ciao’ meaning on Bachelor in Paradise

‘Ciao’ is the Italian word for ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, which references Victoria and Greg’s trip to Italy. It was co-star Kate who revealed what the ink means, as well as Greg himself, who began dating Victoria in October.

Some viewers misheard Greg and thought he had said that ‘ciao’ means ‘hot’. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘ciao’ is more often used for saying goodbye, and less often for the word ‘hello’.

It is regularly used as a greeting at meetings and parties. Although Greg was adamant that their tattoos mean ‘Hi’ in Italian, fans were concerned they had no idea that it also references a farewell. Either way, it’ll remind them of Italy!

Victoria and Greg Grippo’s matching ink

Victoria and Greg got matching ‘ciao’ tattoos on their arms after a drink in Italy. They proudly showed off their ink on the Bachelor in Paradise season 8 finale on November 22 – leaving everyone in shock.

The tattoos were shown just before they waved goodbye to the episode, with Greg – who was a contestant on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, admitting: “I get it, it’s not the best look in the world.”

Greg said he had asked Victoria to meet for a drink with him in Rome. “Everyone can hate us if they f***ing want to. I don’t give two s***s,” she said. Victoria also told Greg he “completely changed my world.”

Fans react to ‘Ciao’ tattoos

When Victoria and Greg’s matching ‘ciao’ ink was revealed, fans were in shock. Many thought it was a step too far as they have only just started dating, and it wasn’t just the viewers but their co-stars who looked stunned.

Some were concerned that, although the couple said the tattoo means ‘Hi,’ it also means goodbye – and were unsure if they had any knowledge of that. A viewer wrote: “NOT THE MATCHING CIAO TATTOOS #BachelorInParadise.”

One fan said: “Greg and Victoria need to realize that ciao means goodbye too… #BachelorInParadise.”

“Without the episode tonight we would have never known ciao is Italian for hi, thank you Greg,” penned a fan.

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