Felicia on Big Brother has convinced a co-star that she is Denzel Washington’s sister. So, is Felicia related to Denzel Washington? Rumors have swirled since she joined the CBS show as a houseguest.

Her fellow Big Brother houseguest, Cameron, is absolutely certain that Felicia is Denzel’s sister. Felicia Cannon is a real estate agent who shot to fame after being a houseguest on Big Brother 25. In the recent episode, Cameron revealed he has suspicions about Felicia’s ‘celebrity relative’…

Left: Felicia Cannon smiles wearing pink hoodie. Right: Denzel Washington looks to left of camera biting lip in front of Sony background.
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No, Felicia is not Denzel Washington’s sister, or related to him. Despite the rumors started by Cameron, Denzel has just one sister called Lorice Washington, as well as just one brother, David.

Felicia, the first woman over the age of 60 to compete on Big Brother US, has been compared to Denzel over the last week for what fans think is their uncanny resemblance.

One Twitter user made an edit of Felicia and Denzel together at an awards night while several TikTok users claim they are actually related. However, Denzel Washington’s sister is not Felicia.

Cameron has suspicions about Felicia

Cameron told his fellow houseguests, Cirie and Jacob, who many viewers think look like twins, of his suspicions. He said: “I think that Denzel Washington is her [Felicia] brother.”

Jared assumed Cameron had caught on to the fact his mom, Survivor legend and reality TV star veteran, Cirie Fields, is also competing in the house. Only Izzy Gleicher knows the two are related.

Julie revealed to Kirsten that Cirie is Jared’s mom. Kirsten was shocked but also knows that Jared had slipped up earlier that day, but no one connected the dots between him and Cirie.

Big Brother 25
Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Fans react to Felicia and Denzel rumors

When rumors that Felicia and Deznel are related began to swirl, most viewers knew it was not true, but some had their suspicions. And a few have even admitted they see the resemblance.

One fan wrote: “Denzel Washington is the brother of Felicia ………. Mmmmkkkk Cameron.”

Another said: “Cameron- “I think that Denzel Washington is her (Felicia) brother.” Ahah he’s LOST his mind! #bb25 #bigbrother #bigbrother25.”

“Now I can’t stop laughing when I look at Felicia Cameron did you really say Denzel Washington was her brother? LMFAO!!!!! #BigBrother,” reacted a fellow viewer.


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