Is Rene from Storage Wars still married to Casey Nezhoda?
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Is Rene from Storage Wars still married to Casey Nezhoda?

Rene Nezhoda has been bidding away on the new season of Storage Wars, but the real topic on fan’s minds is whether he is still married to Casey – a question which has regularly arose since the show returned.

A&E show duo Rene and Casey have been making their debut for years, but when show couples like Jarrod and Brandi split up, fans began scrambling to find out if the other married duos are still together.

Learning the trade from Rene, Tatiana, who first appeared on Storage Wars back in January 2022, has been learning the ropes and following in her father’s successful bidding footsteps.

We’ve got the latest scoop on Rene and Casey’s marriage and whether they are still wearing their rings to this day.

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Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Is Rene from Storage Wars still married?

Yes, Rene is still wed to Casey Nezhoda. His Facebook relationship status continues to state that he is, indeed, married, and he often posts updates for fans, including videos and photos with his wife.

Questions about their marriage come after former show couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz called it quits.

Business partners and husband-and-wife, they have made the move from TV to YouTube as a couple, while Rene tends to still appear on the A&E bidding series with his daughter in tow, and sometimes Casey.

Rene and Casey have featured since season 4 of Storage Wars, but didn’t become main buyers until season 5 in 2014. However, the season 14 cast line-up definitely involves the firm favorite duo!

Casey and Rene Nezhoda: Timeline

The Nezhodas have been married for at least 16 years and are the owners of a 7,000 square foot shop called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store in San Diego, California. They have two daughters, including Tatiana, who makes appearances.

They have been married since way before the day they made their debut, and brought a low-key energy which set them apart from the other much louder bidders. They are hoping to pass their shop onto their eldest daughter Tatiana.

Known as “The Bargain Hunters”, the couple decided not to continue with their lease on the building in June 2021. They were losing money every time they had to close, so they decided to put their stock on sale.

Whatever they didn’t sell was put in storage until everything fully reopened and they were able to stay open without interruptions. They posted a video about the temporary closure to their YouTube channel, BargainHuntersThrift.

The couple have since been selling their bargain items online, mainly on eBay. Items available include everything from silver and comic stickers, to a My Little Pony set and a Lamar Odom-used basketball.

Get to know the Nezhoda family

The Nezhodas are a family-of-three, including mom and dad Rene and Casey, and their daughter. Tatiana was born in 2006, and once appeared with her parents in an episode of Storage Wars.

Casey and Rene, whose last name comes from dad Gunter Nezhoda, had a baby during the same year they tied the knot. 16 years since that day, they are going stronger than ever – from their relationship, to business and family.

From San Diego, California, the family spend most of their time thrifting. It’s clear that what matters most to Rene though, is quality time with his wife and daughter, as they heavily feature across his social media pages.

His father Gunter – a former bass guitarist – has also featured on the show, and helps them out at their thrift store. Rene was raised in Frankfurt, Germany until 1990 after which the Nezhoda family moved to the USA, in San Diego.



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