Steve Ford and his sister Leanne Ford have been making viewers fall in love with them with their HGTV show ‘Restored by the Fords.’ Amid this, people have been wondering if Steve is married. Here’s a look at his personal life.

Leanne and Steve have always made sure that the understanding between them stays strong. Just like every other brother and sister relationship, these two also have their disagreements. However, the pair manages to work together and bring out the best results for their clients.

Is Steve Ford married?

Steve is not married. The reality star has tried to keep his personal life as private as possible. At the moment, he has over 59k followers on Instagram. However, Steve usually uses the social media page to keep his fans updated about the HGTV show.

He often shares clips from the show and keeps the fans engaged until the next episode airs. At the same time, Steve sometimes shares pictures from his small getaways. This way, he offers a small glimpse of her personal life to his followers.

The only relationship that Steve has ever spoken about is his relationship with Sara Bendrick. Steve had opened up about this in 2018. However, there have been no recent pictures of them together. It is hard to say where the couple stands now.

Steve Ford’s business explored

Even though Steve has managed to impress many clients, he did not always have this job in mind. Steve had previously started a clothing business. However, that did not run for long. Steve realized that his business model with his sister was more profitable.

Steve had opened up more about this in his book ‘Work in Progress: Unconventional Thoughts on Designing an Extraordinary Life.’ Leanne and Steve worked together on this book in the hope of giving people an insight into the industry and the struggles one faces.

Another thing that helped Steve achieve success in this industry was the support from his sister. The brother-sister duo has managed to bring their creative minds together to bring out a successful result, and the show is proof of that.

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