Wife Swap documents the cultural and societal differences between two families and compares their dramatically different lifestyles through the swapping of the wife/mother figure.

The families are usually polar opposites, which makes for greater contrast when the wife/mother figure is swapped. During the new week, the “new wives” have to adapt to the rules of the household imposed by the original wife, but on the second week, they take over and create their own rules.

Who can forget the iconic “bacon is good for me” line that Curtis, a kid used to calorie-full food yells at the new wife when she is throwing away all junk food out of the household.

However, rumours are swirling online that all of this awkward fun may be coming to an end in the States…

'Wife Swap' Official Trailer | Wife Swap Is Back! | Paramount Network (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEmNC2hc1_c)
‘Wife Swap’ Official Trailer | Wife Swap Is Back! | Paramount Network (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEmNC2hc1_c)

Has Wife Swap been cancelled?

  • Yes, Wife Swap has been cancelled. On September 22nd Paramount Network, who have been airing the show since April 4th, 2019, announced a shift in focus to airing movies only.

Consequently, this means that iconic reality TV shows such as Ink Master, Battle of the Fittest Couples and, of course, WifeSwap, have been cancelled.

The network’s name will change to ‘Paramount Movie Network’ and will aim to produce 52 original movies per year, which translates to one movie per week. This shift will take place globally within the next year.

Chris Mcarthy, president of entertainment and youth board for Viacom CBS, has explained the online platform Variety in an interview that: “Made-for-TV movies provide all the creative upside and availability to work with great talent without the full tern commitment of a series”.

“Plus, we’re maximizing our investment because we can build a valuable library to use across our streaming, cable and global footprints,” he added.

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