Put a Ring On It puts three couples to the ultimate test, and season 3 is set to blow up as Shay and Alfonzo, Charlie and Otis, and Shorty and Kenneth go through counselling to (hopefully) work towards a marriage.

Master relationship coach Dr LaBeach is guiding the couples, who have each dated for three years. The unscripted reality series comes with some hard advice, including: ““If you don’t work through this, it will eat your relationship alive.”

This was just one piece of advice put to a couple this year, and Reality Titbit have done some digging to find out who they are, and whether they have remained together since filming with OWN.

Shay and Alfonzo

Shay and Alfonzo appear stronger than ever after three years of dating. They have been seen attending events together in Jackson, Florida, and even celebrated an ’80s and ’90s birthday party for Shay.

He wrote a post dedicated to his beau, which reads: “You made me the man I am today, without you there is no me‼️” Together, they wore extremely glamorous attire (Shay in a sparkly dress) and even done a slow dance by themselves.

It looks like the event was actually their wedding day, with loved ones writing congratulations in the comments. So thanks to Dr LaBeach, appearing on the OWN show seems to have paid off for the couple.

He fully spoiled Shay on her birthday, which included giving her over 35 gifts, surprise dinners and even an “epic” party which he got all dressed up for. From strength to strength, the couple are absolutely thriving!

Charlie and Otis

Chef Otis Weary Jr has not posted any photos of Charlana (@iamcharlana) on his feed and they don’t follow each other on Instagram. Despite this, his main Facebook picture features his OWN co-star and beau.

Real estate investor Charlana recently commented on his recent photo, regardless of the fact she doesn’t feature Otis on her page. She wrote “amen” when he thanked God for the blessings he has received.

So, they seem to be on civil terms, but relationship-wise, it doesn’t look like they are still an item. During the show, he is asked: “So maybe, you haven’t met the right person yet?” during one of his dates.

Shorty and Kenneth

Just a day before Put A Ring on It season 3 airs, Kenneth posted an Instagram story in bed with a woman. He added it to his highlights section, and called it ‘My Habesha Quee’. So we can confirm he is definitely loved-up.

However, Shorty doesn’t feature in any of his main feed pictures, and the same goes for the absence of Kenneth on her Instagram page (@shortymackatl). They aren’t even following each other.

Considering that each participant is challenged by going on dates with other women, this may have led Shorty and Kenneth to call it quits, but this is yet to be confirmed by them.



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