Karlie Redd admits lip injections but fans aren't convinced by her 'new look'
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for VH1 Summer Experience

Karlie Redd admits lip injections but fans aren't convinced by her 'new look'

Love and Hip Hop star Karlie Redd finally cleared up surgery rumors, revealing on Instagram that she got lip injections while denying that she has had any other cosmetic work done. But fans aren’t convinced at all.

When Karlie debuted what LAHH viewers believe to be her ‘new look’, many instantly thought she had gone under the knife. However, the reality TV personality claims that it’s the slanted eye make-up that makes her appear differently.

Her make-up artist backed her up when she said she had never gotten a nose job or had other surgery. Despite her speaking out, it hasn’t changed the opinions of many who were shocked at her transformation.

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for VH1 Summer Experience

Karlie Redd addresses surgery rumors

Karlie addressed people “talking about her face” while spending time with her make-up artist Tim. In a video shared by 9MagTV, the Love and Hip Hop star took to social media to admit she got lip injections.

She vehemently denied getting any other cosmetic surgery. She asked her make-up artist if she had ever got a nose job for backup, and he said she had not. Instead, she said it’s the slanted eye look that makes her look different.

Karlie revealed on camera:

Everybody’s talking about my face. First of all, let’s keep it real. I got lip injections and Tim is always getting on me, like, stop doing the lip injections so I’m going to stop because everybody is talking about my face. I have not had surgery but I always make Tim do my eyes slanted, cos he has this technique where he makes my eyes real catty.

She also said she would stop getting lip injections, adding: “Never got a nose job. Tim, you’ve been doing my make-up for how many years, have I ever got a nose job? [Not one]. My nose has always been straight, look at my daughter’s.”

LAHH fans convinced she got surgery

Fans of Love and Hip Hop who have branded Karlie as one of the “prettiest faces” have reacted to her surgery. When she claimed she never went under the knife, the majority didn’t believe the reality TV star.

One fan liked her new look and wrote: “The lil work Karlie Redd got done on her face looks good, it’s not too much.”

Another said: “Why you do that??? I didn’t even know how pretty she used to be. It breaks my heart to think she looks in the mirror and feels like she has to fix her face. Such a pretty “before” face.”

“She’s still so beautiful, but it’s sad what society has done to make us chase youth. There’s nothing wrong with aging gracefully. SMH [Shake my head],” penned a LAHH viewer.

Karlie ‘before’ cosmetic speculation

Looking at pictures before Karlie faced surgery rumors, her cheeks and lips appear noticeably smaller. Her eyes also never used to have the cat eye look that she now asks her make-up artist to perform on her.

In December 2019, the star didn’t appear to have any cosmetic work done. However, fans are now convinced that she has had cheek and lip filler – the latter of which she admitted – as well as cat-eye surgery and a mini facelift.

Many claimed she was one of the “prettiest faces in reality TV”, with several now sticking to their original opinion on how “beautiful” Karlie is despite the surgery speculation.

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