Kenny and Henry Law, otherwise known as “The Laws” on Moonshiners, are back on the show after a long absence on the Discovery show. We got to know them, and how they made it in the liquor industry.

It is the show which delves inside the reality of Moonshine-making, an illegally-produced distilled beverage originally inspired by the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s. Kenny and Henry are part of the process, as seen on the series.

Tickle and Josh have been ramping up underground operations at the Law’s rental house. As they do so, Reality Titbit got to know the Law brothers a little better, after viewers were shocked to find out Kenny has children!

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Million Dollar Wheels | Official Trailer | discovery+

Million Dollar Wheels | Official Trailer | discovery+

Who are Kenny and Henry Law?

Henry Law, the owner and operator of Law’s Choice, is a third-generation moonshiner and master distiller from rural Franklin County, Virginia. Kenny is his business partner who often appears on Moonshiners with him.

The Laws decided around four years ago to take their practice to the legal side, taking advice from one of their probation officers, after illegally making the distilled liquor for a while.

They may be businessmen, but they are also family men in their personal lives. Henry is a father to his sons, including Austin, Kash and Page Law, while Kenny is also said to have children of his own.

They were taught by famous Moonshiner

For almost a century, the Law family was involved in the illicit moonshine business and produced millions of gallons of moonshine whiskey in Franklin County, which is known as “The Moonshine Capital of the World.”

In 1952, 16-year-old Amos Law, who is Henry’s father, began his career as a moonshiner in Franklin County Virginia, which kickstarted the business which is today called Laws Choice.

Amos quickly became one of the most notorious moonshiners in the country and showed Henry and Kenny the ropes when they were kids. The Laws are also related to Owen Law, who started as a bootlegger in the 1920s.

Owen died when he was 92 years old, while he was still thought to be under probation. Henry has also put the Law family story and others from Franklin County’s moonshining days into a book called “100 Proof.”

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Are The Laws brothers?

No, despite lots of viewers assuming they are brothers, Henry and Kenny are actually cousins. Appearing to look similar, they often spend time as a family together, whether by making moonshine or just having a chat.

The Law family were previously always on the run from the law, as reported by WFXR TV, when the cousin duo would make 47,000 gallons a year. However, that’s now all changed as they have their own legal business.

Using Amos’ family recipe, Law’s Choice beverages are now sold all over southern Virginia. With 4.8-star reviews on the company’s Facebook page, and is owned and operated by Henry Law.

Gosh I (Henry Lee Law) love my #familytime and the #familytradition of the art of being one of the Moonshiners

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