Kim Kardashian’s requirements for a potential partner are pretty lengthy, and include an important statement: that she doesn’t like balding and prefers a head of hair. But what about Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kanye West?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian share four kids together. The Kardashians star’s divorce from Ye was finalized in November 2022 after six years of marriage before she began dating Pete Davidson, who she split from.

Kim has now decided to make a long list of requirements for her next man, which she shared on Instagram with pride. From being able to protect her to a good set of teeth, many are confused about that balding statement.

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Kim Kardashian’s requirements

Kim Kardashian’s requirements for her next partner are certainly detailed. She read out her preferences from the notes app on her phone, which made her friends laugh in response. They include:

Her ex Kanye West is almost bald

Kanye West isn’t bald, but he certainly doesn’t have the head of hair Kim is pining for. She now wants a man with a full barnet, admitting that she “loves hair” and that the straighter the teeth, the more she gets turned on.

She specifically said, “No balding,” when it came to the perfect man of her dreams. Many have suggested that she’s basically described Tom Brady, who she is rumored to be dating. But her rep told us the rumors are not true.

Fans are also googling Pete Davidson’s teeth after hearing about Kim’s love for gnashers. Kim admitted she would pay for someone to get veneers, and even added that if she was in love, she would “rub your bald head.”

Kardashians fans react to requirements

Kardashian fans are howling at Kim’s preference list. Many have zoned in on her good teeth requirement and thoroughly agree with her, with some even labeling her as “relatable” on her Instagram.

After hearing Kim say she’s just talking about a “perfection list,” a fan wrote: “I honestly don’t think this is an unreasonable list.” Others agree and say she’s giving “big Libra energy” as they are believed to be turned off easily.

Another penned: “Looks like she didn’t stick to her list at all with her previous picks.” Kanye’s half-shaven head doesn’t exactly follow the hair requirement, but Pete definitely had a full head of hair!

“Sounds like Pete, honestly” and “Good hygiene needs to stay on that list!” are other comments that Kim’s Instagram followers left in response. As Kim is 5ft 2in, some fans are confused about how someone wouldn’t be taller.

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