Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown has revealed plans to change her last name so it’s no longer the same as her father, Kody. In a short YouTube video, the 21-year-old told her subscribers why the name change is happening.

Gwendlyn Brown, daughter of Kody Brown and second-wife Christine Brown, has told fans that she plans to change her name. One of six children to the formerly married couple, she will be the first to have the Brown name no longer.

Why Is Gwendlyn Brown changing her name?

Gwendlyn Brown’s name change plans are because she will be taking her future wife’s last name.

The Sister Wives star announced on Instagram that she had got engaged at the end of 2022 after dating Beatriz Queiroz for the best part of a year.

Fans were immediately thrilled for the 21-year-old, with some hoping that they’ll get to see the ceremony.

“CONGRATS! could you please allow them to film your wedding lol I need to see at least 1 brown LGBTQ wedding! For my own gay sanity.”

Introducing her fiancee in a YouTube video, Gwendlyn said that the two will be getting married in July of this year.

She first revealed plans for her name change when she received a YouTube plaque for reaching 100k subscribers. In the unboxing video, she said that “It’s addressed to Gwendlyn Brown. But, seeing as I’m getting married soon, I had the name tag ‘For Gwendlyn Queiroz’.”

She also said that Beatriz was more thrilled about the plaque than she was:

“She was like, ‘I want that plaque so bad,'” and that her fiancee was “looking forward to it the most.”

Speaking briefly about the upcoming wedding, she went on to say “that’s what I’m going to be in five months, less than five months.”

Gwendlyn revealed Robyn didn’t attend engagement party

Since the show debuted in 2010, Kody Brown has lost most of his wives. During the series, he divorced Christine, Gwendlyn’s mom, so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her children.

Now, Christine, Jenelle, and Meri have all split from Kody. The Sister Wives star is now only with Robyn Brown, despite the latter claiming Kody is still married to Christine.

Clearly having moved on, Gwendyln’s mom has spoken about her new boyfriend after Christine and David Woolley went Instagram official.

Page Six reports that when Gwendlyn and Beatriz held their engagement party, Robyn nor any of her children attended.

“I invited them to my engagement party, but I don’t know if she felt it wouldn’t be a safe space for them or they just decided they didn’t want to go,” she said.

Hurt by their decision, she went on to say that she “misses them completely.”

Season 17 of Sister Wives aired last year, with Sister Wives: One-on-One special airing into early 2023.

Unfortunately, whether Sister Wives is making a return in 2023 has yet to be confirmed. However, it also hasn’t been canceled. With an engagement and a wedding coming up, as well as the rest of the Brown family drama, there’s more than enough content for another season!

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