Lindy and Miguel are one of the couples taking part in the MAFS experiment in 2022. The two tied the knot in front of family and friends without any prior knowledge as to who they would be marrying. Before even meeting, Miguel said that they had things in common including the “craziness” of doing the experiment and adventurousness.

Airing on Lifetime in 2022, Married At First Sight is back for a fifteenth season and features couples from San Diego. MAFS season 15 kicked off from July 6th and Lindy and Miguel seem to be a fan favourite judging by Twitter. So, let’s find out more about Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago.

Lindy and Miguel on their wedding day on Married At First Sight
Screenshot: Lindy & Miguel’s Laughter-Filled Wedding Ceremony – Married at First Sight (S15, E2) | Lifetime – YouTube

Who is Lindy Elloway?

Saying “I do” on MAFS season 15 is 29-year-old Lindy Elloway.

She’s a Physical Therapist who hails from San Diego. As per episode 2 of the show, Lindy is a doctor who “makes her patients feel like their trips to the doctor are vibrant and exciting”.

As per her LinkedIn page, Lindy has worked at Sharp HealthCare for over a year. She graduated from the Western University of Health Sciences in 2018.

Meet Miguel from MAFS

Miguel is 35 years old. He and Lindy both work in the same field as he is an Associate Medical Director.

San Diego-based Miguel is also on LinkedIn. He writes that he worked at BGB Group from January to May 2022.

The MAFS star gained his PhD in Neurobiology and Neurosciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013.

MAFS fans love Lindy and Miguel

MAFS season 15 couple Lindy and Miguel have already gained lots of fans, judging by Twitter.

As for their reasons for joining the show, Lindy is “over the dating process” and wants to find someone to settle down with, as per Lifetime.

Lifetime also writes that Miguel, as a scientist, was interested in the experiment as he “feels as though Married At First Sight is the perfect juxtaposition of chance and methodological romantic pairing”.

Many Twitter users have written that they think Miguel and Lindy look great as a couple. Others think that they are going to last. One tweeted: “I think Lindy and Miguel are going to work. That might be the only one.”

Another tweeted: “Aww I like Lindy and Miguel so far! Super cute first dance moment!”



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