Love Island USA has definitely brought the drama this summer with cracking on, coupling up and shock dumpings!

Last night, the winners were announced at the grand finale with Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy being crowned the winners by the American public.

But the question on everyone’s mind is: What does Flaquita mean?

The term was used by Will Moncada to his partner in the villa, Kyra Lizama as a term of endearment, however, we found out what the real meaning is which had fans wondering whether it was really a compliment at all…

Reality Titbit did some digging and we have found out the meaning of the Hispanic term!

Find out below!

What happened in Casa Amor?

Both Florence Mueller and Leslie Golden had their eye on Will during Casa Amor. They both expressed an interest in him as soon as they hit the villa, and they took one look at Kyra’s message to Will and wiped it off the mirrored closet.

Kyra wrote the word ‘Flaquita’ as she said that Will calls her that all the time, so she wanted to leave a reminder in the villa. But the new girls did not approve and instead began claiming their territory making moves and kissing the boys in challenges.

What does ‘Flaquita’ mean?

Fans were not best pleased upon hearing the actual meaning of the term used by Will to describe Kyra taking to Twitter to show their frustration.

Are Will and Kyra still together?

Kyra also revealed that she and Will are “very excited for what the outside has to hold” and they only live 15 minutes from each other so it may work!

They both live in Los Angeles and have been said to want to continue their relationship after Love Island.

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