After Christian Longnecker passionately kissed Olivia Kaiser during a challenge in episode one of Love Island USA, fans are eager to get to know the star!

Discover all you need to know about the 2021 dating show member as well as various Twitter fan’s reactions to his kiss with Olivia!

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

Who is Christian Longnecker?

Series three of Love Island USA features cast member Christian Longnecker.

The 24-year-old is from Oahu, Hawaii.

Within his promotion video for the CBS dating show, Longnecker expresses his passion for adventure as he presents his interest in surfing, skating, snowboarding and more.

The star also announced that he has been celibate for the past eight months and is looking forward to entering the villa.

Christian’s specific appearance details can be found via his modelling profile on

As stated on the site, Longnecker is a fitness/lifestyle model as well as a photographer and videographer. He is reportedly 6’0 tall and weighs 165lb.

Love Island USA star’s Instagram explored

With a current total of over 31,000 followers, @christianlongnecker‘s Instagram feed is full of content surrounding himself, his travels, interests and more!

Christian’s bio suggests that he is currently located in California and lists his business venture as the co-owner of @dynamizecoffee.

The model partners with Divergent Media Team, a crew focused on increasing their client’s brand recognition and social media presence.

A lot of @christianlongnecker‘s content captures his adventure-seeking experiences such as climbing, skiing and much more.

The reality star’s social media presence does not stop there!

Head over to TikTok for more of @christianlongnecker‘s online content including his glow up from 8th grade, onwards!

What’s more? Check out Christian’s YouTube channel named Christian Longnecker and on Twitter as @imchrischin.

Twitter fans react to his kiss with Olivia!

Fellow Love Island contestant Olivia Kaiser is currently coupled up with Javonny Vega.

Christian is also in a couple of his own with Cashay Proudfoot.

However, that did not stop Christian Longnecker from kissing Olivia during a challenge in the first episode.

Twitter users find it hard to comprehend that Christian apparently did not know what a passionate kiss was when was told to do so with Cashay.

Yet, the model didn’t seem to have an issue with it when smooching Olivia…

Another fan had a similar view.

A capitalised tweet was used to express a user’s disappointment regarding the situation.

Some believe the pair are a perfect match…

Others were let down by the kiss.

Fans of Cashay seem to be eager to vote out Olivia and Christian.

Stay updated on the Love Island USA sticky situation over on CBS!

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