After years of Love Island being a global smash hit, Americans finally have their spinoff! Love Island USA lands on CBS on July 9th, 2019.

Following the same format of bikini-clad girls looking for love with hunky shirtless men – who tend to be heavily tatted and tanned – Love Island USA introduces us to some of America’s most hilarious and good-looking singletons.

And one cast member has already stood out – Caroline ‘Caro’ Viehweg.

It is not just her bubbly personality, intellect and good looks that have people wondering about Caro, but the scar she has on her chest.

So how did Caro get that scar? We’ve done some investigating to find out for you…

Meet Caroline “Caro” Wiehweg who is looking for love this summer on LOVE ISLAND USA.

What is Caro Viehweg’s scar?

We see a lot of skin on Love Island. Mostly because the Islanders spend their days in the villa just tanning and lounging around in swimwear.

So it wasn’t long before viewers noticed Caro’s scars on her chest and stomach.

In an Instagram post from March 10th, 2018, she addressed her scars by saying they were from a tumour removal done back in 2016 when she was just 18-years-old and taking her final International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.

Caro documents her journey on YouTube

On her YouTube account – which she uses for vlogging, tutorials and hauls – Caro opened up about her tumour removal.

In part 1, which you can watch here, she explains how it was discovered in April 2016 after she went to the doctors for what was a suspected lung infection.

Caro explained that it was “hard to breathe” and that she had stabbing pains in her chest.

But after 18 hours at the hospital, including CT scans, they discovered it was, in fact, a tumour in her lung.

In part 2 of the video, Caro reveals the horror story of when her anaesthetic stopped working as they investigating her tumour. She also details the four-hour operation process and how the surgery was a success!

Caro embraces her scars on Instagram

We’re all about being body posi, particularly on Instagram. And it would seem Caro is too!

In numerous posts, she has embraced the scars on her body and even reached out to others to have them share the stories behind their scars.

In one she commented “don’t hide your scars, wear them as a proof that god heals” and in another, she said, “Use your finger to trace the scar upon my chest, and that’s where you’ll find my strength”.

Caro is definitely our fave Islander!



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