Married At First Sight Season 15 saw several couples walking down the aisle, but where are they now?

The show has seen several couples come together and walk down the aisle. While some of them have managed to stick together and found their perfect match, others have not been too lucky.

Season 15 followed the same format as the rest of the Seasons, but where are the cast members now?

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Season 15 of the show.

Where are the cast members now?

Nate Barnes and Stacia Karcher

As per The Cinemaholic, the pair are still very much together. Nate and Stacia are the perfect examples of how one can work things out if they have an open conversation about it.

The pair seemed to hit it off immediately when they first met but as time went on, things started to crumble down as the gap in communication also led to some distance between the two.

At the same time, their marriage called for some hard topics to be discussed such as kids, where to stay, and more. While the two stayed separately in two different places initially, they decided to come together to decide what they should do next.

It looked like the couple would not last. However, it turns out they are still very much together and living their life to the fullest.

Alexis Williams and Justin Davis

Alexis and Justin seemed to have a good bond at the start but things took a turn for the worse as their different personalities made it hard for them to live together.

Right from intimacy issues to their old habits, the two seemed to find it hard to decide how they could come to the same page.

There had been various moments where the two thought they should give their relationship a chance. However, the difference between them made it clear that they were better off alone.

The two decided to separate and are focusing on their respective lives.

Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway

Miguel and Lindy’s relationship had their fair share of ups and downs as well, but the couple has time and again proved that they are able to overcome any challenges once they face them together.

The pair seemed to have a good understanding and always took decisions with maturity. Due to their level of understanding, they seemed like a promising couple that people thought would last till the end.

If you were one of them, you would be happy to know that the couple is still together. Lindy decided to move in with Miguel and the two have been planning on building their relationship.

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Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein

Mitch and Krysten’s marriage ended even before it started as the pair had issues long before they could give the marriage a chance. The couple even had to wait till the final day to make it clear that they wanted a divorce.

There was a lot of drama that went around the couple and there is no doubt that it seemed to upset them both. In the end, the pair decided to head their separate ways.

At the moment, they both are living their independent lives while making it clear that there is no room for reconciliation. While they have not met anyone new, they are busy enjoying one day at a time.

Binh Trinh and Morgan Bell

Binh and Morgan’s relationship also came to an end soon after they got together. For those who have seen the show, you would know that the pair had quite a few moments where things seemed to be perfect for them.

However, there were more moments when things did not seem to work out. They quickly realized that what they had been looking for in a life partner, was not something they saw in each other.

Nonetheless, they knew their shortcomings and decided to remain friends. You would be happy to know that even after the show the pair are good friends.

Now, Morgan is ready to give relationships another chance as Morgan has started going on dates in the hope of finding herself a life partner.



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