Since 2010, A&E viewers have been seeing the contents of many California storage containers auctioned off to buyers including Dave Hester, Brandi Passante, Rene Nezhoda and more on Storage Wars. Twelve years later and the cast of Storage Wars has changed a fair amount and some of the buyers’ kids are even learning the tricks of the trade nowadays.

In March 2022, Storage Wars season 14 kicked off and viewers may be wondering what happened to former cast member Mavrick Von Haug. So, let’s take a look at where the MMA star turned Storage Wars buyer is today.

mavrick storage wars
Screenshot: Storage Wars: Tattoo-Face Mavrick (Season 7, Episode 8) | A&E

Who is Mavrick from Storage Wars?

Mavrick Von Haug was a Storage Wars buyer in seasons 7 and 8 in 2015.

He’s recognised for having tattoos on his face, which he had done on a dare.

As per the show, Mavrick had a store in California and is married to Gwendolyn. She had Mavrick’s name tattooed on her chest two months after they met.

He has a son named Xavier, who he said was eight years old in 2017.

Mavrick was an MMA fighter

As stated on Mavrick’s YouTube channel, he’s a five-time world MMA champion who had a career in the sport spanning over 20 years.

He runs a gym in California and he and his wife, Gwen, are huge fans of keeping fit. They’ve both taken part in bodybuilding competitions and they now live in Lucerne Valley with their children.

Mavrick and Gwen can be found with an Instagram account which has over 4K followers @theimmortals1.

The two former Storage Wars stars also take to YouTube together to share their meals and gym routines.

What happened to Mavrick from Storage Wars?

In 2020, Mavrick Von Haug suffered a serious accident which meant that he lost his right eye.

As per a JustGiving page set up to raise money for Mavrick’s surgery, he “struck the back of a parked Semi at high speed” on June 15th 2020, during his and Gwen’s regular “fasted cardio routine cycling“.

The page bio reads: “Mavrick has punctured and lost his right eye and has 21 facial fractures. He will be going through a series of reconstructive surgeries and will be needing a prosthetic eye.

The former Storage Wars star was also due to receive rehabilitation as the injuries went beyond the physical. He also sustained severe memory loss due to trauma to the brain.

As per Mavrick’s Instagram page, he’s doing well in 2022 and still competing in MMA. He and Gwen recently celebrated six months since they got married and he wears a patch over his right eye.



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