Meet Andrew Filimaua - the Dwayne Johnson lookalike from Game of Clones on MTV
Screen Shot: Kam and Drew - MTV, Game of Clones S1E6

Meet Andrew Filimaua - the Dwayne Johnson lookalike from Game of Clones on MTV

Kam Williams is known for her time on Are you the one? and The Challenge.

However, on MTV’s Game of Clones, she was trying to find her one and only with seven lookalikes of Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Eventually, Kam narrowed it down to one lookalike – Andrew Filimaua. Here’s everything you need to know about him!

Screen Shot: Drew – MTV, Game of Clones S1E6

Drew is no longer with Kam!

Unfortunately, the relationship between Kam and Drew did not last too long.

He is currently dating a girl who goes by the name of the Sunshine or Miss Lee per her Instagram.

He is super athletic

As The Rock lookalike there is no reason as to why he wouldn’t work out.

However, Drew definitely has abs for days – which just makes him a bigger hunk.

Drew has a child

He might’ve tried to find his true love in Kam on Games of Clone, but his first girl in his life is his daughter.

His daughter was born on August 23rd and this year she will be 11 years old.

She also looks like the spitting image of him.

He is multi-passionate

Drew puts his athleticism to good use by training CEOs and celebrities.

Besides just helping them train he also teaches them to correctly and healthy.

According to his Linkedin training isn’t the only thing Drew does. He also is an area recruiter for Kimco Staffing – a definite boss man.



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