Mallory “Molly” Gulley, aka Money Girl, used to often race on Street Outlaws. However, viewers have been wondering what happened to her as she hasn’t been spotted for a while.

As Fastest in America and Farmtruck and AZN hit Discovery screens on Monday and Tuesdays, fans cross their fingers in the hopes of seeing Molly race in the car known as ‘Ugly Duck’.

However, the recent season hasn’t seen a trace of the street racer, leaving many curious about where she is. We’ve got the lowdown on what she’s up to and whether she’s given up the underground race scene.

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What happened to Molly on Street Outlaws?

Molly never spoke out about why she no longer appears on Street Outlaws, but hasn’t appeared on the show since 2020. This doesn’t mean she has quit racing, but has been seen focusing on family, love and her home decor.

She got into a relationship towards the end of 2020, with Zach King, an ASU Alumni and fisherman. The couple had been posting pictures with each other since November of that year, and regularly went to sporting events together.

However, it looks like they may have split, as Molly has deleted all photos of them together except group images that he was pictured in. Looking at Zach’s Instagram, there is no sign of the street racer on his page.

Since her exit, the star has been redecorating her home, which is described as Molly’s “Bachelorette pad” by renovator Hope Gabriela Mitchell. This goes alongside working as a Bail Bond Agent at Gulley Bail Bonds.

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Discovery: Her racing experience

Molly was a firm favorite on Street Outlaws, and was known for driving the purple ‘Ugly Duck’ car. Part of team MSO, one of her last races on the show involved racing against Tricia Day, JJ Da Boss’ wife.

She also went head-to-head with Milk Man, who only wanted to race against her if she took her nitrous bottle out of her vehicle. Molly is also known for winning a race against Gordon Batchelder.

It was back in June 2020 when Molly kept being picked to race, and was told by JJ Da Boss she was letting out the gas, which causes a burn-out. She has even driven in Zip Tie as well as her own vehicle Ugly Duck.

Tony Yeager was also one of Molly’s opponents, in a race involving a $1,000 side bet on Street Outlaws: Memphis.

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Where is Mallory Gulley today?

Molly works for Gulley Bail Bonds, ran by her mom Cari Gulley and Kenneth, as well as KEG Towing. So realistically, she doesn’t have all that much time to be on the streets racing!

She also models merchandise for KEG Motorsports, which is ran by her father. A fan said they had spotted her, with Milk Man and Milk Mom at the racing event Arm Drop, in Bonne Terre, in June 2021, so she still appears to be racing.

Viewers say on a Reddit thread that Molly has been attending college. Her Facebook page states that she studied at Arkansas State University, and is living in Jonesboro, Arkansas – over two hours from her usual Memphis race location.

She recently attended her younger sister’s wedding, where she revealed she took her two dogs as her dates. Several fans have took to her Instagram to ask why she no longer appears on Street Outlaws, but she has not responded.

Reality Titbit has contacted Molly for comment.

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