The new Naked And Afraid spinoff, Castaways, takes it to a new level as the cast is left to survive with no additional tools or maps, so let’s meet the stars fighting for their lives in the premiere season.

As if surviving in the wilderness with minimal tools and completely naked wasn’t hard enough, Discovery Channel is upping the ante with its newest Naked And Afraid spinoff: Castaways.

The latest batch of survivors will be stranded miles away from civilization without any extra aid so here’s everything we know about the show so far, including the cast who will be baring it all.

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Naked And Afraid Castaways stars to be stranded with only wreckage

The original Naked And Afraid series allows participants to bring one helpful item, such as a fire starter, to kickstart their journey, but that will be off-limits in Castaways.

In the new spinoff, what you see is what you’ll get – and we’re not just talking about their nudity. The cast will be stranded with only wreckage to survive, meaning no access to tools or maps, and of course, no clothes. It’ll be up to the stars to fashion their essentials from the bare minimum.

According to the official synopsis, elite survivalists will be “marooned on a remote tropical island hundreds of miles away from civilization.”

“They must use only their navigational skills to survive from wreckage and debris strewn across the island, including a shipwreck, an abandoned military jeep, and a crashed airplane,” it continues. “Without knives, pots, and fire starters, challengers will need to scavenge the area to find what they need to create those items from scratch, using only their ingenuity and will to survive. “

The nine cast members will be split into teams of three and swim to different ecosystems – sun-scorched beach, twisted mangrove swamp, and dense jungle – on the same island to begin their journeys.

The ultimate goal is to finish at the same extraction point on day 21 to signal a boat for rescue.

Naked And Afraid Castaways season 1 start date confirmed and how to watch

Naked And Afraid Castaways will premiere on Sunday, July 30 at 8pm ET/PT.

The exact number of episodes is unconfirmed, but Naked And Afraid Last One Standing, has 10 episodes in season 1 so we can expect a similar amount from Castaways.

Tune into Castaways on the Discovery Channel or stream on Max. Monthly subscription plans start at $9.99 with ads, up to $19.99 for the ultimate ad-free plan, which allows streaming on four devices and 4K resolution.

New Naked And Afraid trailer

With no additional help, tensions among the contestants are running high. “This is a whole new ballgame and it is much harder,” one castaway says in the trailer.

The teaser starts with a squad of survivalists collapsing on the beach after swimming a great distance to land. “In survival, it’s not the question of what I want, it’s the question of what I have to do,” a voiceover says while an explorer digs into the jungle ground to uncover a scrambling armadillo.

Fully exposed to the elements, the naked competitors are faced with swarms of bugs, snakes, and another mysterious mammal during the pitch-dark night.

Naked And Afraid Castaways full cast list

The cast are not newbies to the survival game. In fact, most of them have appeared in previous Naked And Afraid episodes before.

Here is the complete cast list and which series they’ve competed in:

Does Naked And Afraid offer prize money?

Believe it or not, Naked And Afraid has no prize money. Cast members endure potentially life-threatening conditions purely to test their limits. They do, however, reportedly receive a “weekly stipend to compensate for their lost wages,” says casting director Kristi Russell.

Six-time Naked And Afraid star, Jeff Zausch, explained his passionate reasoning for joining the show: “This is who we are. This is what we are made of,” he said. “Some people were made to be race car drivers. Some people were, you know, made to be CEOs of companies. We were made to push the limits of what’s humanly possible.”

How real is Naked And Afraid?

According to the show’s executive producer, Denise Contis, “There is no manipulation, no element of scripted reality”, she says. Although medics are on hand to treat emergencies, she does not believe that they interfere with the show.

That being said, survivalists are followed by cameramen and producers for filming purposes. Stars are generally left alone during the night but production staff is nearby and contestants are allegedly given a whistle and radio to signal for help if necessary.

Medics are also on stand-by since the explorers will be ingesting unfamiliar foods. In the season 1 premiere, Kim Shelton suffered from severe food poison after eating turtle liver. She vomited for three days before a miraculous recovery on the fourth day.

What viewers didn’t see was the recovery process, which included producers providing her with rice, bread, baby food, and two IV drips to rehydrate her.

In the same episode, her partner, Shane Lewis, was consistently filmed complaining about his painful foot, but the severity of the injury was never revealed to viewers. In reality, he had three broken toes.

So Naked And Afraid is indeed real, but after all, it is a TV show so safety is the number one priority.

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