Naked and Afraid's Afften Deshazer is building a CV more suited to Selling Sunset
Screenshot: Afften DeShazer, Bare and Ballsy | Naked and Afraid, Discovery YouTube

Naked and Afraid's Afften Deshazer is building a CV more suited to Selling Sunset

Afften Deshazer survived the brutality of Naked and Afraid once, so it’s no wonder she has since channelled her positive energy into selling incredibly Chicago homes. We explored her life ever since leaving the show.

Fans of the competition will know the show is no joke, as participants are given several days to live in the wilderness and fend for themselves. This includes finding food to eat, as well as water to quench their thirst.

She once lived off grid in the Savannahs of Guyana, South America, when she ate a turtle and its eggs to survive. That was just one of the many ways she succeeded throughout the Discovery show.

Ever since, Afften has made her mark in not just the wilderness, but Chicago real estate. Think Selling Sunset vibes, and there you have it: her successful post-TV career nailed perfectly.

Fight or Flight | Official Trailer | discovery+

Fight or Flight | Official Trailer | discovery+

Afften’s Naked and Afraid experience

Afften, then 27 years old, was paired with Zach for 21 days, when they braved the wilderness in Guyana, South America. They stripped down naked straight away, after a pumped Afften said her “PMS is longer” than the trip duration.

The Illinois native, who had studied survival tactics for most of her life – thanks to her Granddad – hadn’t ever lived in the wilderness before, but was “excited” to get started with her novice 6.0 PSR rating.

Describing herself as “bare and ballsy”, she done the challenge to prove to those watching that she isn’t going to fail. Fitness model Afften first starred on the show in 2015, and was allowed to keep her glasses as her personal item.

She refused to cover herself with mud to protect herself from the sun, said the boiled water tasted funny, and didn’t want to eat the food her partner caught for them. After seven days, Afften tapped out from the competition.

From the wild to real estate

Seven years on from Afften’s time in the wilderness, she has decided to immerse herself in Chicago real estate instead. With a 55% increase in sales over the last year, Afften has made her successful mark when it comes to selling homes.

She “will get your house sold for the best price in the shortest amount of time”, according to her Christie’s International Real Estate bio. Not only a realtor, the Discovery alumni is also a certified real estate negotiating expert.

One of Afften’s listings includes a $699,900 four-bed property in Illinois, while another is an impressive $399,900 home with five beds, advertising itself as suitable for one single family.

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The Discovery star still loves the gym

Afften is no stranger to the gym, and continues to work out ever since she shared her aspirations to become a fitness model during the show. Called “Fit Bunny” on Instagram, she often lifts weights, plays golf and exercises on the daily.

The beach has been a popular location for her workouts, which was all put to good practice as she had her fair share of fitness competitions several years after her Naked and Afraid experience.

She recently went skydiving, so her adventurous spirit is still prominent today! Afften is proud of the woman she has become today, showing off her physical gym results, and even goes litter-picking to help the environment.



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