Samantha Cline is best known for being one of the most hardcore survivalists from season 12 of Discovery classic Naked and Afraid. She took part in the show in February 2020 after friends suggested she should take part.

Her episode with partner Adam Kavanah went down in history as the pair seemed to thrive in Namibia and managed to make it the whole 21 days without help for food, water or shelter – as well as being naked, of course.

We are around the second anniversary of Samantha and Adam’s episode so keep reading if you want to find out where the bad-a** survivalist is now as well as a recap on her Naked and Afraid journey.

Marry Me Now | Series premiere Trailer | OWN

Marry Me Now | Series premiere Trailer | OWN
Samantha and Adam. Picture: Naked and Afraid, Season 12,

Samantha’s Naked and Afraid journey

Samantha joined the show to test herself as she and a complete stranger put their survival skills to the test for three weeks. They attempted to thrive in the wilderness without clothes or help, with just a pot for water, a knife and a fire starter between them.

Both Samantha and Adam were sent to the Orange River in Namibia, known for its scarce resources and intense heat. However, the couple seemed to thrive and once they found their footing, getting food and water proved a much easier task than expected.

The wildlife expert also managed to find a decent drinking water source so the pair managed to pull through. Samantha also impressed audiences with her impressive crafts after she weaved vines to create a fish basket.

Discussing her Naked and Afraid journey, the survivalist said being naked didn’t bother her as she was more concerned about finding shelter and food. When asked about the experience, she said:

It’s really eye-opening and humbling to be in those situations, so I think everybody should try it. I know a lot of people think that’s crazy, but it’s an amazing experience.

Samantha Cline, Naked and Afraid

Samantha enjoyed the experience so much so she wants to challenge herself again – we may see her in an XL series at his rate!

Where is Samantha now?

Samantha’s latest post on Instagram saw her reminisce about her time in Namibia, which got fans wondering what she’s up to in her life right now.

The Virginia native still lives in Roanoke and seems to be enjoying her low-key, outdoorsy life in the mountains. Samantha is working as a wildlife rehabilitator and biologist and spends most of her day looking after animals. The survivalist was recently involved in the rehabilitation of two wild eagles, as seen on her page.

When she’s not rescuing animals, you can find Samantha out and about exploring, hiking and going on adventures in her stunning state. The biologist lives close to the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and often posts pictures of herself on hikes and in Shenandoah National Park.

Samantha also seems to be enjoying the quiet life by herself. We don’t know whether she has a partner as the only other special person we see on her Instagram is her dog, Dakota.

Her dog Dakota is expecting surgery

Samantha is a self-proclaimed dog mom with her pup Dakota being very close to her heart – she is plastered across her Instagram. Samantha posted a picture late last year asking for the support of fans to provide funding for her dog’s upcoming surgery.

The survivalist created a GoFundMe page for Dakota explaining that, aside from old age, Dakota had a few lipomas in her body and legs and, due to her old age, needed them removed as soon as possible.

The page has raised $910 out of the target of $2,000 so far and we hope Dakota gets her surgery soon. If you would like to donate, see the post below:



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