Natalie Nunn hits back at Andrew Caldwell's claims she wears fake designer items
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Natalie Nunn hits back at Andrew Caldwell's claims she wears fake designer items

Bad Boys: Los Angeles, A.K.A the most anticipated series of the year is just getting started, and the fights and drama have already began…

When Bad Girls Club was cancelled in 2017, viewers have been craving a spin-off for some more chaos from the ‘Bad Girls’ of Los Angeles – and the time has finally come. Bad Boys: Los Angeles has answered all of our prayers and is a Bad Girls Club spin-off, however centred around the guys.

The show is produced by reality TV legend Natalie Nunn, however she has come under fire by one of the cast members this week. Reality Titbit have all the information you need on this latest scandal, including Natalie’s response and viewers reactions.

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Bad Boys: Los Angeles | Official Supertrailer | Zeus

Bad Boys: Los Angeles | Official Supertrailer | Zeus

The Andrew and Natalie drama explained

Natalie Nunn came under fire by Andrew Caldwell on the 11th of April 2021. Andrew was interviewed on Social Society by Reginae Carter about Natalie’s comments about him.

Andrew explained that when he left the show, Natalie was one of the first people to reach out to him. He showed evidence of this on his Instagram story, which showed her texting him saying “Hey babe, It’s Natalie. Andrew please call me. I’m responsible for you. Babe you’re fine listen we have a whole episode for you lets take all the boys to church. Call me.”

Andrew then went on to claim that Natalie wears fake designer items. He said: “Her designers are fake. She’s fake as her skin can be.”

Natalie hits back at Andrew on her social media

Natalie was quick to defend herself on her Instagram account about Andrews claims against her. She touched on the reason she reached out to him after his exit from the show, as she said:

“Yeah I’m the executive producer and owner of the show so yes I reached out to you lol because you cashed my check and ran off.”

Nunn also hit back at the allegations that her designer items are fake. She shared multiple of her posts featuring these designer items, with sarcastic captions such as “All my designer is fake y’all” and “Everything is fake”. Natalie then went on to thank Andrew for “clout chasing off my name”.

Viewers react to the drama

If anything, viewers found the drama more funny than shocking. Bad Boys fans all over the world have commented more laughing emojis than ever across the posts.

There are mixed opinions, as some followers are on Natalie’s side, however others are on Andrew’s. One follower commented: “#ItsBeenTeamNatalie”. Another said: “I’m proud of u Andrew👏”

Viewers have also praised Reginae for her hosting skills. One Instagram user commented: “You’re the perfect host 😩🙌🏽”, another said: “I’d watch anything you’re hosting!”



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