Pizza Pete isn’t winning many fans on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise after he slammed Brittany for rejecting his kiss and accused her of “playing a game”.

People tuning into last night’s episode were less than impressed with the way he handled the rejection.

And while it’s completely possible that Brittany simply didn’t want to kiss him on a first date, he accused her of having an ulterior motive by rejecting his advances.

Brittany and Pete have a date on a yacht
Brittany and Pete have a date on a yacht | Credit: Bachelor Nation on ABC

Pete tried to kiss Brittany

On the October 11 episode, Pete was added into the mix and got to meet the single ladies looking for love.

He invited Brittany on a date and she accepted.

They were whisked away to a yacht where they sipped champagne and chatted, but she sadly didn’t seem too interested.

As Pete chatted about renting yachts, owning a jet-ski, and how his “biggest phobia in life is not living my life”, Brittany didn’t appear very into it.

He clearly wasn’t reading those signals though and went in for a kiss.

Brittany swerved his advance by hugging him instead and explained: “I just met Pete, and it’s like, read the room.

“That just made me feel really uncomfortable.”

She also said to the cameras: “I’ve never been on a date before where it seems to me like they’re more interested in themselves.”

She said she hoped things would change and that she was happy to be on the “gorgeous yacht” but that it made her realize it doesn’t matter how nice a place you’re in if you’re with the wrong person.

Brittany explained to Pete why she was rejecting his kiss, saying she was “really slow with that stuff” and he initially said it was “cool”.

But it seems that’s not what he was really thinking.

Pete slams Brittany to the other guys

Pete wasn’t happy about Brittany rejecting his kiss.

After they returned to the beach, he pulled Romeo and Casey aside for a chat and accused Brittany of having “an ulterior motive”.

He suggested the only reason she was on the show was to be an “Instagram model”.

He said: “If I was at home and I took a girl out, and we spent all day on a yacht together, okay, I promise you we would be hooking up.

“My gut feeling has to tell me, ‘Was it all an act?'”

Fans aren’t impressed

After the snubbing incident, fans of the show took to Twitter to fume at Pete.

One wrote: “Pizza Pete slow your roll it was not like it was YOUR yacht you both went on. She does not have to be impressed with you and does not owe you a “hook up”.”

Another said: “Brittany is the realest person I’ve ever seen in the bachelor franchise. Swerving Romeo and Pizza Pete?! She knows her worth and is not going to kiss these fboys. I respect it.”

Pete did have some people on his side though.

One tweeted: “While (the edit showed) Pizza Pete talk about himself a lot, chances are Brittany is one of these people that needs to have the conversation all about her so when that didn’t happen, her ego couldn’t handle it. Also… I don’t know who Brittany is”.

A second said: “Pizza Pete was actually genuine and humble and vibed better than Rodney with all the women in Paradise”.

Pete’s journey on The Bachelorette

Pete was on Michelle’s series of The Bachelorette in 2021, and made a big impression despite his short run.

He was sent home in week three, but not before getting into a fight with fellow contestant Will.

Pete on his date with Brittany on Bachelor In Paradise
Pete on his date with Brittany on Bachelor In Paradise | Credit: Bachelor Nation on ABC

Will labeled Pete a narcissist, and he retaliated by throwing Will’s jacket in the pool.

He was also known for spending a lot of time talking about his pizza company.

He’s the owner of Peter’s Pizzeria in Port St. Joe, Florida.

He opened it in 2019 after being inspired by a trip to Italy.



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