The popular pressure cooker comp on Big Brother is officially making a comeback. The return of the BB 6 pressure cooker competition was teased for next week’s episode. However, fans will “believe it when they see it” as a result of the live feeds sometimes being “switched off.”

The Big Brother 6 pressure cooker competition is a recurring Head of Household and Power of Veto challenge. The season 6 edition of this competition was the longest game. That’s because it lasted 14 hours and was considered an epic game on the BB live feeds.

Big Brother 25
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Pressure cooker comp on Big Brother

Houseguests must stand in a glass box for the Big Brother pressure cooker competition and hold their hand on their own individual button. If the button raises, they are eliminated.

The contestants are not allowed to sit during this task. There will also be some boxes featured in the glass box which will either contain gifts for the houseguests or punishments.

The contestants who are inside the box cannot leave the box individually, they must do it in pairs of three. Big Brother’s pressure cooker returns during episode 10 of the show, which will air on August 24, 2023.

BB6 invented the OG competition

The BB6 cast played in an HOH Competition that lasted more than 14 hours in the summer of 2005. Several houseguests did anything they could to win the Head of Household that week.

Some fans likely remember how Kaysar Ridha cut a deal for safety that was never honored, before he quit the challenge. The game became the longest competition in Big Brother history!

The process will continue until only one contestant remains in the glass box. HOH for that particular week will be announced by the last person standing in the glass box.

Big Brother 25
Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Fans ‘will believe it when they see it’

When the preview clips for the Big Brother pressure cooker competition came out, many fans got super excited. However, some aren’t convinced the game will actually be played.

One convinced fan wrote: “PRESSURE COOKER?!!!! Finally! #Bb25 #BigBrother.”

Another penned on Twitter: “My spider senses are telling me that the pressure cooker 2 will be like all stars 2, a letdown #bb25 #bigbrother.”

“The pressure cooker was amazing but let’s face it #bigbrother has changed. We don’t see long fights of endurance anymore. The HGs just don’t care, it’s all like I want to throw comps,” said a fellow viewer.


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