After the success of Bad Girls Club, Baddies South was launched as a spin-off series on the Zeus Network. Briana Walker, Natalie Nunn, Elliadria ‘Persuasian’ Griffin, Anne Moore and more ladies star on the show alongside ‘Rollie’. Fans saw the show premiere on Zeus on June 12th. So, let’s find out more about Rollie from Baddies South.

As with many of her co-stars, such as Chrisean Rock, Rollie is a seasoned reality star. Judging by Rollie’s social media posts, she’s keen to share promo for Baddies South. She wrote on her post of the show: “We Fought We Partied We Did All Kinds Of Crazy…”. In 2022, Rollie has added event hosting to her resumé as well as being a reality TV star per social media.

ZEUS Network BADDIES SOUTH Houston Premiere
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Meet Gia “Rollie” Mayham

Gia “Rollie” Mayham is a cast member on Zeus Network’s Baddies South.

She stars on the show alongside Chrisean Rock, Natalie Nunn, “Slim”, Jela and co.

Rollie is 29 years old and is a music artist. She comes from LA per her interview on the She See It Show.

She refers to herself as ‘Rollie Polie Snack Mealz’.

Rollie is no stranger to reality TV

Baddies South viewers may be meeting Rollie for the first time on the 2022 Zeus Network show. But, she was a cast member on another of the network’s shows.

In 2020, Rollie was a contestant on One Mo’ Chance.

She was one of 15 women who were vying after Kamal “Chance” Givens’ heart.

Speaking on One Mo’ Chance episode 1 part 1, Rollie said that she’s very comfortable with who she is: “I’m a confident BBW and I love myself”.

Is Rollie on Instagram?

Yes! Rollie can be found on Instagram with over 14K followers @rolliepollieofficial.

Taking to Instagram on July 1st, Rollie said that she used to be a stripper in Las Vegas. She added that she “…got my first big break filming with wetv…”.

Rollie added that she has more music coming out this year and potentially more shows.



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