Sam Carlson has been a fan favorite on Port Protection Alaska, but at the end of 2022, concerns were raised about his health.

Sam has lived in Port Protection, Alaska his whole life. In his time there, he has commercially fished, built a compound, and raised his family. His son Matt also joins the show.

We take a look into how Sam Carlson’s health stands now.

Concerns about Sam Carlson’s health started on Facebook

Although we have not seen anything raising concerns about Sam Carlson’s health on the show, a post was shared on a Port Protection Alaska Facebook group at the end of last year. The page has 16.9k group members.

One member posted: “Prayers for Sam Carlson. Hope he’s ok”. The user did not go into detail on what she meant in the post, but further on in the comments, speculation was going around about Sam being taken to the hospital.

Port Protection Alaska fans rushed to the comments to send Sam their well wishes.

Sam Carlson’s son Matt confirms he’s doing well

Although Matt did not confirm what had happened to his dad, he told fans over on his own Facebook page that Sam was doing well.

Matt regularly posts about the show on his page and addressed his dad’s health in a post he called a “shameless plug” for the show on January 11, where he told people to watch the series premiere.

One fan commented: “Just watched it and you were great as usual as were all. Praying your Dad is doing well.”

Matt replied in the thread saying: “He is.”

Fans are loving Port Protection Alaska

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their love for the National Geographic show.

One fan even told rap legend Snoop Dogg to watch the show! Snoop Dogg took to Twitter to ask fans what they were currently watching, to which a user replied: “Port Protection Alaska.”



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