Savannah Chrisley has revealed the struggles of getting back onto the dating scene in her most recent podcast episode, as she admits that her siblings are part of the package.

Savannah Chrisley exploded onto the reality television scene nine years ago, in 2014, with the premiere of her hit show, Chrisley Knows Best.

We have followed Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley, and their blended gang, through their major life milestones. With that, we have encountered their highs and lows, and more recently Todd and Julie’s legal battles.

Savannah often shares updates with fans on her Unlocked podcast and this week she spilled the tea alongside country singer Andrew Jannakos.

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Savannah Chrisley opens up on Chloe’s adoption journey

Fans previously saw Savannah in a relationship with Nic Kerdiles. The two even had plans to get married but called off their engagement shortly thereafter. Chrisley has now opened up on her Unlocked podcast about looking for love as she got candid about getting back on the dating scene.

On the podcast, Chrisley spoke about the challenges of dating whilst raising her siblings at the same time. She told Andrew that as she is helping to raise her ten-year-old sister and sixteen-year-old brother, she doesn’t have much time alone. Whilst Grayson has his own car and a little bit more freedom, she revealed that Chloe is pretty much stitched to her side.

Chrisley hilariously confessed: “I’m trying to date, and what do I do with them? From the beginning, it’s all of you and not really just you and that person.”

Of course, that means Savannah’s new romance has met Chloe and Grayson, already.

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Savannah Chrisley opens up on Chloe’s adoption journey

Chrisley and Andrew bonded over their adoption stories. Savannah revealed that she was there when Todd and Julie became Chloe’s legal parents, at the adoption ceremony. Describing it as the “greatest day in the entire world.”

Chrisley shares that part of the excitement was that Chloe knew what was happening and was counting down the days until her adoption proceedings.

She also delved into Chloe’s biological mom and her life before adoption. Chrisley added: “I have learned that kids do their most developing within the first year of their lives. Chloe will remember things that happened when she was around two or three.”

Savannah said that it was “baffling” to see how Chloe could internalize and understand things, adding that she is extremely clever for her age.

Andrew Jannakos delves into adopting journey on Unlocked

Andrew met his wife, Kat, at a bonfire night, and after singing some songs around a campfire, the duo locked eyes and later became an item.

His wife already had a little boy and he revealed that the first time he met her baby was on a movie night. After Kat fell asleep he was left to stay up all night with the baby who he sang to sleep. Andrew then revealed: “I fell in love with that little boy before I fell in love with her.”

The duo dated for a year and a half before tying the knot. Eventually, Andrew adopted Kat’s boy as his own. How time flies, their son turns 7 today, March 22.

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