Savannah Chrisley claimed on her latest podcast episode that major issues in the family’s lives weren’t shown on their TV series, Chrisley Knows Best.

She and her brother Chase talked on the December 20 episode about a variety of topics. They agreed they had both been in “weird places” in their relationship due to their family’s current legal situation.

Speaking on her podcast, Unlocked, Savannah also claimed the reality of her and Chase’s upbringings weren’t shown fully on Chrisley Knows Best. The siblings branded the show a “comedy.”

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Savannah says she and Chase were in a ‘weird place’

During Savanah Chrisley’s Unlocked podcast episode on December 20, she seemed happy her brother Chase was “finally” on the show with her. Chase, 26, commented: “It took long enough.”

Savannah, 25, said she and her brother had been in a “weird place with one another” and claimed her brother hadn’t been “friendly.”

The siblings agreed they had both been in “weird places with everything they’ve got going on” in their lives.

Chase claims Chrisley Knows Best was their ‘job’

Chase said the show Chrisley Knows Best and filming it was “their job” and when there were interviews there were cues or specific questions. He added he didn’t think other people understood producers don’t “show up with 100 people to film what we’re doing.”

Savannah added: “We’ve had these images created of us that aren’t 100 per cent truly us.”

Chase replied: “I’d say it’s 90 per cent situational and 10 per cent what is actually going on.”

Savannah claims real lives weren’t shown on Chrisley Knows Best

Speaking on Unlocked, Chase and Savannah spoke about how they made money “very quickly” at a “very young age” while on USA Network show Chrisley Knows Best.

Chase said of the family’s current legal situation: “Obviously what we’ve been going through is hell. It is a terrible, terrible situation.” However, he added he “has to try and find the good, even in the darkest times.”

Chase explained he’d “been through a lot of stuff” before the current legal issues began with his parents. He said they began filming the show when he was young and that, at the time, he “didn’t want to listen to what anybody said.”

Savannah claimed a lot was “hidden from the cameras” and the siblings went on to speak about drugs and drinking. Savannah said she’s spoken about things on her podcast they “never touched on in ten seasons of a top-rated TV show.”

She listed mental health, her suicide attempt, drugs and alcohol, and claimed they weren’t talked about because they were things that “weren’t funny.”


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