Shark Tank fans got acquainted with frozen Greek yogurt company Sweetkiwi in March 2023.

In 2023, tonnes of brand owners have walked into the Shark Tank ready to impress the investors.

Coffee brand Kahawa 1893, Wildwonder beverages, and Legacy shave are just some of the companies that secured deals in season 14.

Since froyo brand Sweetkiwi pitched their company in the Shark Tank, fans have been taking to social media to ask them to expand to more stores across the US.

Sweetkiwi’s story

Unlike many of the brands seen on Shark Tank, Sweetkiwi appeared on the show as an already internationally successful company.

Ehime Eigbe and her husband, Michael, pitched their frozen yogurt brand on the ABC show during the March 10 episode.

The two are a married couple, business partners, and parents.

Ehime was born in Nigeria and raised between there and the UK. She later moved to Dallas, Texas.

Ehime founded Sweetkiwi after being diagnosed with a uterine fibroid at the age of 22.

She wanted to make changes to her lifestyle and diet and embarked on a health journey which resulted in the creation of Sweetkiwi.

Sweetkiwi land Shark Tank deal

Sweetkiwi appeared on Shark Tank ready to transform the frozen aisle in grocery stores.

The products are made using real Greek yogurt which is whipped and frozen. Sweetkiwi also adds nutrient-dense ingredients to its flavors. The froyo is made from milk sourced from local farms.

Sweetkiwi is packed with superfoods and comes in a variety of flavors including cookies and cream.

Things got a little icy amongst the Sharks when it came to making Ehime and Michael a deal. Mr Wonderful ended up pulling his offer after making one on the show.

In the end, it was Robert Herjavec who made a deal with the Sweetkiwi founders. They agreed on $250,000 for a 16 per cent stake in the company.

Where to buy Sweetkiwi frozen yogurt

Sweetkiwi was already successful at the time that Ehime and Michael pitched to the Sharks on the ABC show.

The brand was a huge triumph in Nigeria. In the USA, they already had their products stocked in huge stores such as Whole Foods, Walmart, and Kroger.

The products can be purchased via the Sweetkiwi website. The brand ships nationwide and costs around $9.99 per tub.

A case of six tubs of Vanilla Bean Sweetkiwi froyo costs almost $60.

Fans took to the Sweetkiwi social media pages after the Shark Tank appearance. One wrote: “This looks so good! Checked the website no stores in or near the Bay Area/Sacramento can’t wait for you to expand!!!”

Many more congratulated the Sweetkiwi founders on their deal. To add to the stress of going into the Tank, Ehime was eight months pregnant during the episode.

She joked on Instagram: “8 months pregnant and I went swimming with the Sharks, had to drag @michaelakindele with me out of fear I would go into labor.”


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