Drain Strain made its debut on ABC’s Shark Tank back in 2015, but seven years on, fans are still thinking about the brand. As it turns out, the company has done extremely well and has made over $3 million in revenue.

Naushad Ali, the company’s founder and CEO, braved the stage before successfully accepting a deal from Robert Herjavec, who joined the Drain Strain team. Kevin Harrington also joined shortly after his colleague.

Set out to unclog your drains, the product required months of testing and serious determination to make worthy, but the renowned business has come out even stronger than when it first appeared on Shark Tank.

Drain Strain on Shark Tank

Their story began when founder Naushad realised his wife and daughter’s hair was clogging up their sinks at home. Wanting a solution to keep their drains unclogged, he began his quest and came up with the idea for Drain Strain!

In 2012, Naushad founded Disrupt by Design, LLC, a company focused on improving consumer experience through disruptive innovation. The first product to be launched through the process was Drain Strain for bathroom sinks.

During their ABC appearance, Naushad was seeking $110K for 15%. Kevin then offered $110K for 20% contingent on doing a licensing deal. Robert then offered the firm $110K for 10% contingent on a licensing deal.

The result was a deal with Robert for $110K for 10%! When appearing on Shark Tank, the company was just a prototype drain stopper for sinks, but two years later, they were already selling products at 1200 Home Depot stores!

An update after ABC debut

One addition to the Drain Strain family is the Bathtub Drain Strain, as well as a deluxe line of their Sink Drain Strain product which features a metal cap. Plus, the company has partnered with multiple hotel chains including Holiday Inn.

Other hotels who work with the company include Express, Hampton Inn, and La Quinta, among others. By 2017, Drain Strain had generated half a million dollars in sales, and by May 2022, had reached at least $3million in revenue.

Naushad also revealed during an update episode that they had an additional purchase order for 500 Lowe’s stores. More recently, Drain Strain has been posting regular promotional updates on social media, mainly on Facebook.

How to purchase Drain Strain products

Drain Strain is available to purchase right off our website, at Home Depot and Ace Hardware locations, as well as on Amazon. Their newest product Drain Buddy starts from around $13.99 online.

Most products have a 3.5+ star rating on Amazon, while replacement baskets which aim to collect the hair can be purchased for $9.99. All you have to do is add to your basket, enter your details and the items should be on their way!

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