Buyers often regard Shark Tank-related products as being honorable. However, this has led some businesses to claim they have appeared on the ABC show and been approved by the Sharks when they haven’t. The same goes for the Keto Ketology ‘Shark Tank’ gummies.

Lots of people struggle to find time to exercise so you have probably heard them looking for different ways to lose weight. As a result, many turn to weight loss pills.

Those who are already on a Ketogenic diet may want a supplement to aid their plan, and the Keto gummy market is absolutely booming with choices.

Finding the right supplement is a task in itself so buyers often look to Shark Tank investors for the most highly regarded products. Therefore, fans are debating whether a Ketology gummy has appeared on Shark Tank before, let’s take a look…

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How do Keto gummies work?

Weight loss Keto gummies are chewable and have ketosis-supporting components like beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is a molecule naturally produced in the body when going through ketosis.

The gummies include ingredients, which form a medication that guides ketosis in the body. Therefore, the gummy helps burn that stubborn fat, gives you an energy boost, and reduces your appetite. 

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What beneficial ingredients are usually in Keto Ketology gummies?

The gummies usually include lemon extract which can detoxify your body and forskolin which reduces weight loss. Guarana extract is also often used which reduces fatigue, boosts energy, and is a cognitive aid.

Apple cider extracts are also usually in the gummies as this ingredient contains acetic acid; which increases fat-burning genes and aids metabolism. Another ingredient usually involved is turmeric which aids the function of internal organs, veins, and arteries. Its active ingredient is curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Keto Ketology gummies are not on Shark Tank

The Sharks are back in the Shark Tank as investors are looking for some of the best companies to put their money into. The panel of investors this season includes; Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary. The Sharks offer financial support for some percent of the stakes in the company.

In an upcoming episode, we will see a nutrient-dense sweet indulgence that people can easily consume without the “fear of getting diabetic.” However, it has not been confirmed that Ketology gummies will appear on the show.

In fact, Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban has warned people of Keto gummy scams and shared on Twitter “Don’t fall for this scam !”

The same thing has happened to Dragon’s Den viewers who bought keto and diet supplement pills after companies listed them as being Dragons’ Den-approved. However, like many television shows Dragons’ Den does not promote diet pills. Investor and panelist, Deborah Meaden wrote a Tweet which confirms this, stating that she does not promote slimming pills.

So, beware: Just because a product says it was on Shark Tank doesn’t actually mean it was!



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